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  1. hi yes..i have the same thing my red marks are almost INVISIBLE when i wake up,and as long as i'm inside or as u said cool and relax they r fine,,by midday it starts getting ugly,,and i noticed that if i washed my face that time,,it will look even worse and yeah,,,i'll be on acutane for 9 months also ((5t month now)) take care
  2. hi thanks EVERY one Login_Name,,it was normal when i started((it was 3.2 which my doctor said is good))then after the first month it went upto 5.57 or something,,which is above the high normal..thats when she gave me lipitor for the first time for 30 days only,and it lowered the level of cholesterol,then for the next 2 months my readings were GREAT with out the lipitor,and i thought that my body got adjusted to the drug or something and i'll NEVER HAVE it again while on accutane and the first m
  3. hi i'm on roaccutane 40 mg for the 5th month and now i'm taking LIPITOR 10mg for cholesterol my derm said that my reading is ((high normal)) and i'll be taking lipitor for this month and she'll check the reading of cholesterol nect visit i'm only 23 ,with a healthy life styl ,, I love accutane,but i hate this cholesterol thing any one of u guys had the same problem?? thanx
  4. hi it could be accutane,i had back pain ((all my joints basically hurt))in the first 2 months my derm said it could be from accutane its my 4th month now,,and i'm doing FINE
  5. hi guys i just started my 4th month on accutane 2 days ago i was at my derm's office,,she stopped the differin and gave me ((exfoliac)) any one tried this thing??any comments??
  6. hi it depends,,my skin is VERY oily its my 2nd month on accutane and my skin is dry,,but not as bad as many ppl here describe it. some areas are worse than others((around my lips,nose)) i'm taking 40 mg accutane/day,differin(( just avoid the DRY areas)),wash my face with acne-aid bar twice/day as u noticed,,i'm on accutane and using differin and a soap bar for oily skin. ask ur derm
  7. thanks i liked the site,helped alot.
  8. hi all, i just got a liquid lift foundation from make up for ever two days ago it covers REALLY well, and it lasts for about 9 hours with a natural look,,i'm happy with the results till now but i'm worried that my skin might break out what r the ingredients that i should avoid in any make-up or product i put on my face ?? and.. any one here tried this thing?? any comments?? thanks
  9. do NOT use any scrub I think that the black heads are normal ((first weeks to month on accutane))my nose was like a sand paper but now its CLEAN and SMOOTH the flare up is normal,just give accutane some time,i'm on my 2nd month,i still break out but not as bad and they disappear faster than they used to. my derm told me to use ((acne aid))!! which i used long time ago, its a bar used for oily skin . my sking feels a bit dry after i use it but i then use a dry skin cream prescribed by her also
  10. hi my derm suggested ((Bepanthen)),its an ointment by Roche u can get it from pharmacies the best thing i've used till now ((and its my 2nd month of accutane))
  11. hi i think that the blood test is done to check the lipids in ur blood((cholesterol)) cuz accutane can increase the level of the lipids in blood,they also check some enzymes to assess the liver function before starting the drug to see if its ok to go for accutane,,and then they use the results as a base for the coming results mine took one day,they took the blood sample ..the next day the results were ready
  12. thank u so,time to change it.. thanks again