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  1. Is there a single Japanese person from Japan out here in this forum battling acne? Dayam...it would be sad if i'm the only one. Anyways...does anyone here live in Japan that has cleared their acne from using products or services here in Japan?? I'm looking for anybody who knows any good derms, laser treatment, products, or anything...plz let us know!! Japan doesn't even have Accutane...can u guys believe that? The products here seem really weak compared to the states. All my NIHONJINS...HIT ME U
  2. I'm curious if Glycolic Acid Peels intefere with acne that is active? It seems like Glycolic Acid gets rid of red marks but what if u have red marks plus active acne? That's kinda my problem...I have lots of red marks plus "active acne" which is mild. Should I just go ahead and use Glycolic peels?
  3. I'm just wondering if this so called miracle "regimen" works for people who have moderate to severe acne??? I know Dan said it works for people with mild to light acne but what about those with the BAD acne problems. I mean the people with cysts, scars, etc. I have a lot of scars and will this regimen help my scars clear up? I'm just so damn tired of trying new things cuz they never seem to work. I'm also using accutane which isn't really working. My skin is drier than before so this "regimen" m