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  1. Hey labgirl! I was just reading a post where you gave some very good information about topical retinoids, but that was on another computer and now i can't find the post anymore! So sorry about asking this here, but I was wondering about the IB with retinoids, do you think that easing into it (applying once a week, then twice a week, then 3 times...etc) will reduce an IB? i have severe

  2. Hi LabGirl, I read your post about the initial breakout with retinoids.

    You say 'they reduce shallow scarring and wrinkles by stimulating the fibroblasts in the dermis to produce Collagen I and III.....which fills in shallow scars and plumps up wrinkles.'

    Is this also true for Differin?


  3. hey hope you dont mind me asking how did you get clear? thanks

  4. Retinoids don't increase the rate of sebum excretion (oral isotrtinoin can actually reduce it), however they can chage the perception of sebum the skin. Over time retinoids make the kerotinocytes (skin cells) proliferate more regularly, and keeps them small and unifomly shaped.....retinoids also make them behave and not block your pores....hence more sebum can reach the surface of the skin, instead of being trapped in your pores with Mr. P. Acnes.......it's not a bad thing really.... BTW Green
  5. Yes... a small company that makes millions in profits !
  6. I have no idea the actual amounts of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide EDM foundations contain, so I wouldn't use it without a sunscreen underneath, however a little extra zinc or titanium can't be a bad thing.....I just wouldn't use it on it's own and expect sun protection. They don't claim an SPF because they just don't have the money to do SPF testing and drug stability (both are very expensive). They probably could (it's pretty easy to get an SPF on a mineral foundation), but it's too expensi
  7. I finally got a couple sample kits from Everyday Minerals. It took a few attempts to find my shade. I was under the impression I had yellow undertones. Pretty much any foundation I apply looks too pink on me, even if it's supposed to be on the yellow side. At a MAC counter the closest match was NC25, but that was still a little pink.....the MUA suggested I try the C shades....but she didn't have the right one for me..... Anyway.....I picked a few in the intensive formula (that would be the
  8. I wear ballet flats all the time....no socks. And yeah with flaired jeans. I don't like jeans that are too flaired...boot cut or slightly flaired. I hate skinny jeans. Not all girls can wear them. I'm just under 5'0" tall, and I'm curvy.....yeah I wear a size 0, but I have a butt and I have thighs, and I don't have the longest leags either......The slight flair on the bottom of my jeans kinda balances things out......and I wear them with ballet flats all the time...
  9. Danny, DON'T TELL ME WHAT WORKED FOR ME WHEN I WAS A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL. I KNOW WHAT WORKED FOR ME. YOU HAVE NO IDEA BECAUSE YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME...YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THAT I AM A FEMALE, NOT A MALE. After one Summer I had an "hourglass" shape, not a grotesque-looking, "bones-sticking-out like a starvation victim" shape!!!!
  10. Yeah...I don't see why not. I use the Olay Regnerist Serum (fragrance free). I've been using it for about a year....I'm 26 and I don't have any of the signs of aging yet.....but I like the way it makes my skin look and feel. Many of the regenerist products contain nicinamide, which is actually good for acne.....I don't think you'd need the heavier night creams but a serum or moisturizer is probably fine....and if your using harsh or drying topicals for acne....why not go for a one of the heavi
  11. I eat whole grain breads and pasta pretty much every day. I don't care about a low carb diet. I can't do low carb period. Without carbs I feels sick, dizzy, I can't concentrate, I can't sleep, get shakey....and just generally feel like crap. I'd much rather whole grain bread and pasta since it usually keeps me feeling full longer and doesn't cause my blood sugar to drop and hour later.....but I will on occasion have a small serving of semolina pasta....but usually about 1/2 cup of the dried