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  1. try not eating dairy products, that should help with the oilness
  2. ^^you make a good pt, IMO I think when you accept yourself you see the REAL beauty in you.
  3. you know, we are all never too happy with what GOD has given us. If its not 1 thing, its the other. We are all constantly looking to look perfect, but in reality we will never achieve that look. Once, you accept yourself for who you are, look at yourself in the mirror and say "Damn I look good today " and forget what other people have to say about you. Because we arent perfect! Then, thats the day. For me, I have acne. But thats just external, like most of you here. I also have seizures, but
  4. you should've stayed regardless to get you all done and not look like a "rainbow" i'd stay there and be like well u can take off my makeup n do my makeup with the 1 ur using but with the right color... n look n see if u like it.. n be like well thks. i'll come back tom. if i dont break out. bye! but imo, clinique broke me out =\
  5. word. interesting 1/3 perspective n its true i look harder @ other ppls skin just because they have flawless and i dont.. but that has faded away tho
  6. maybe u dont have it THAT bad afterall and they just wanna tell u it still doesnt sound too good, they just cant understand um tell them.."oh yeah i knowww .. "
  7. ^^lmaooo @ for ur pimples were you in that section tho?
  8. Eh, it happens. Sometimes you just have to accept that you have acne and they're just trying to help. They arent trying to be mean to you. I was like that when I was younger, I felt so embarrassed because I felt they were critiquing my acne and it was so bad! (just as I thought). Whenever they looked and said something I would give them a fake smile and say No thanks/ or Okay. Now, if they do say something I'll take it into consideration and smile genuinely because I'm finally comfortable wi
  9. Thks guys, i really appreciate the feedback so yeah.. ONLY revlon color stay huh? damn, i was happy with this mac foundation *sigh*
  10. So its the foundation that I'm using? Thanks for your reply. I'm happy with my mid-coverage Mac Studio fix and when I i get oily ( like 3 hrs later) I put in Blot Powder is there something I'm missing?
  11. Okay, I'm recently new to putting on foundation when I go out. But what do you guys do when ya'll have to go shopping and need to try on a shirt, how do you avoid a makeup stain, when you take off your shirt? Or is it just me? Am i putting it on wrong that, when I take off my shirt it leaves a stain ? What do I do? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  12. i only wear makeup if im going out, like the weekends. during the weekdays and when im out with my family etc. or im just with friends, I dont wear it often
  13. Why dont you go see a derm? Get antibiotics for the time being so that it would be under control? And start on Dan's Regime?