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  1. Like you, after trying everything out there to cure my acne I finally started using BCPs last spring. Originally I started using a generic form which is a big fat NO NO. Not sure if it did anything to help cure my acne but I had the worst side effects ever!! So I'm glad you're using brand name. I then moved onto OTC during the summer and my ance cleared within a matter of months. My dark spots are slowly fading due to mild acids but I think only time will fully heal them. I switched to Yasmin
  2. p3bbz

    Emu Oil!

    I love emu oil! I bought mine off of ebay. I initially had a .5 oz. sample which seemed to last forever. I put a few drops into my moisturizer (which doesn't have enough "umph" for the winter months). My skin is smooth and soft overnght. The trick is to not use too much or it sits on your face like an oil slick. I use it as cuticle oil too and worked fanfastic during this past long weekend get away I had in -30 degree temperature Vermont .
  3. Sometimes I use a mist but usually my face gets oily anyways which sets the make up on its own.
  4. I try to wash them every two weeks with gentle shampoo. Hmmm, I should try using my facial cleanser... time to clean!
  5. It dries out my somewhat oily hair like crazy, just imagine it on your face. I used Mario Badecus Glycolic Foaming Cleanser which had great reviews. It made my face feel like a desert. Killed the zits but not without killing the rest of the skin around them.
  6. OMG i hope shes worth it LOL to that comment. Fine, if you want to get that initial first date, but if the b*tch/jerk is the type who will dump you once they find out about your skin troubles then they aren't worth your time or efforts at all IMO.
  7. I use moisturizer bc my face needs it esp in the winter - I have combo skin and even though my t-zone is oily as hell the rest of my face dries up. I am scared however to try new moisturizers - once I find one that works for me I will not budge. I don't think everyone needs t o moisturize. If your face is well balanced after washing then great for you! one less thing to buy hehe. Of course like it is with every other topic on this board, every face is different and has different needs.
  8. I've only tried the samples (which lasts me forever) from the oil at High Cascade. It has been wonderful for my skin and has never broken me out. Perhaps there is something better but I wouldn't bother trying since this one has worked out good for me.
  9. Make sure you don't over do it or it will just sit on your face like a grease layer. Good luck!
  10. I agree. I use the micro Water from DHC.
  11. Welcome! I work on Broadway but right near the Union Sq Sephora! Gosh, I have so many make up questions why can't you work near my Sephora lol. Well anyways, I'm such a wuss with make up. i find something that works well and rarely experiment. I just bought new gloss today for the first time in a year *ooh*. When I have questions I'll return but for now thank you for offering your advice to the masses.
  12. Wow, I think I know what your talking about, I have the same problem! My left side breaks out more often than my right ( i sleep on my right face, maybe blood circulation???? ) Well I'm not breaking out anymore (but I used to alot on my left as well) so it's basically just affecting my red marks. But I DO have silk pillow cases if that's any factor. :)
  13. I use the Got2Be Pure Intent clay mask once or even twice a week. It does indeed give a slight tingly burn when applied but you get used to it. I have sensitive skin that reacts to everything but this mask doesn't irritate me at all when used twice a week despite the tingles. It's actually done a good job with removing tons of clogged pores that wo uldn't amount to zits or that kind. Check out my regimen I'm clear now with it. I use my old mask (DHC Mineral Mask) as a spot treat those spots
  14. What's strange for me is that I tend to sleep on my right side which seems to fade FASTER than my left side. However I had worse breakout on my left cheek which means more red marks, but they still seem to take forever to heal.
  15. I wear minerals and can make it look very natural like I "almost" have perfect skin Though after my long ass work day (9 hours) I just look tired and gaunt .. perhaps I'm just overworked. lol Well IMo if makeup lasts on your face for THAT long and still looks perfect it might as well be paint *ick* gross...