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  1. favorite colloidal sulfur, less irritating on skin than the other version of KAVI soap

    no smell, good lather, washes off easy does not dry or irritate my skin type like other sulfure products tend to do costly, only available through online purchace I'm forced to buy it in bulk of 12 bars but it lasts me forever This is my primary acne treatment product! I no longer use prescription creams like I did for a decade. I use this once a day, every day but instructions say to wash twice a day, but I'm lazy with my skin regimen these days. This bar works for me well as breakout preventi
  2. potent, non smelly sulfur bar that replaced my $300 prescription cream regimen

    effective but don't expect 100% clear skin for life KAVI sulfur does not smell ike all other sulfur products do soap bar lasts for months coral tends to be drying if used daily price and you can buy it only from KAVI and sometimes Amazon (shipping adds up) I have been using KAVI soaps for third year now. Before this, I was weaning off prescription retinods. This is not just a bar soap but a well formulated product that is in soap shape. I wish I had used this years before but I didn't believe
  3. does work well as spot treatment

    Works great if your zits respond to sulfur ingredient the gel like consistency is not over drying cheap solution that is potent smelly once you stop use zits come back (like with most acne treatments) This product has a gooie-gel like consistency, but the sulfur has always worked well for my breakouts. I use it as spot treatment and my zits go away in 2 days of regular use. Sometimes, the zit will shrink with in hours on same day. Like most sulfur products it does have unpleasant odor, but I
  4. Oxybenzone made my eyes sting and skin to breakout

    it's light, goes on easy, not shiny, moisuturizes fine Chemical sun screen stings my face, eyes broke me out pricy for a chemical sun screen that stings I tried Neutrogena SPF 15 again because I liked how light the formula felt and easy to use with the pump compared to Olay's SPF 15 that feels more thicker and no pump. Well again, Neutrogena made my eyes sting after 10 minutes of having the lotion on my face. I tried using it for 2 weeks before having to give up on it because I couldn't even
  5. Hey guys I'm looking for info comparing Acne.org moisturizer v. Neutrogena combo skin. I've been using Neutrogena for years but want something that takes care of redness and doesn't look too shiny and tacky. How does Dan's moisturizer compare to Neutro. and does the licocalcone take care of skin redness well? How does Dan's moisturizer look on the skin?
  6. Hi, I haven't logged in here in ages... Have you tried sulfur based products? I'm allergic to BP so my only option was to use sulfur based ingredients and they worked wonders for me with less side effects and redness than BP. Currently I use Kavi brand sulfur soaps. And for cycstic acne Kavi has a liquid sulfur suspension. In the past I was on Klaron prescription which is similar and a topic retinoid. I still can't believe that a bar soap has replaced years of expensive dermatologist presc
  7. It does not matter when it comes to laser cosmetic treatments. A dermatologist who is properly trained in using the laser system he works with, will perform it just as safely. Some dermatologists probably see more patients doing acne related treatments than a plastic surgeon who is busy doing face lifts.
  8. Having personal experience with laser hair removal lasers and treatments I want to warn you to think very carefully about doing laser hair removal on the face because you're a female!!! LHR works on thick, dark dense hair. And majority of women with facial hair problems do not have coarse and dense enough hair for laser to work. One of the major side effects for females that do LHR on the face is something called "Laser Induced Hair Grwoth." It basically stimluates more hairgrowth instead
  9. 4-5 months on Retin A should have given you decent initial breakout from retinoid, so expect less breakout from Taz. But even if you do get a major breakout from Taz look at it from a brighter side that all of your acne is coming out and will clear.
  10. How long were you on Retin-A? Did you have any purging from Retin-A? I would expect more puring from Tazorac especially if Retin A didn't do much for and if your were on it for short course, but I doubt it will be heavy purging. Even if you start getting breakouts, doxy will help a lot clearing it out faster. I'm on Tazorac 0.1% wich is strongest they make and have been on it since 2005, works very well!!
  11. Have you heard of Actavis it should be similar to Plexion in ingredients. Many sodiumsulfacetemide+sulfur acne products are becoming harder to find because many dermatologists don't prescribe it so pharm industires don't see profits in making them. It's sad because these ingredients work very well for a lot of people including myself.
  12. Yes, listen to what your derm told you. Sticking to pea size amount is very important because you will ravage your face and quit when you use too much. Sometimes you can add a little more to the "pea size amount" not a problem, as long as you don't over use it. I take "dots" from the pea size and dab it all over the face and then spread it. If that's not enough for the whole face, I'll use a bit more. Less is more, remember you're not spreading moisturizer or sunscreen so don't use that log
  13. It's hard to predict what product will work and what won't on individuals. That's why your dermatologist is playing musical chairs with prescriptions justt to find something that works well on you. Benzamycin is antibiotic/benzoyl peroxide combo and Epiduo is a retinoid/benzoylperoxide combo. If your insurance covers epiduo than try it. Epiduo is like using Differin gel with over the counter 2.5% BP. But like you said, you shouldn't expect a lot from topical antibiotic like Benzmycin after
  14. From experience, I would first go with topical antibiotic and retinoid combo. If topical doesn't produce results then switch to oral antibiotic. But don't use oral antibiotic for more than 3 months. Antibiotic can help speed up the clearing process especially if you get a heavy purging from the retinoid. When you stop the antibiotic, the retinoid is going to be your fallback into long term breakout control. Retinoids alone don't always control most of the acne/breakouts on their own. Even i
  15. I would avoid oral antibiotics. The acne always builds resistance to them and they stop working. You can use Proactive BP but if that irritates you or doesn't work, then ask your doctor to substitute it for some other topical acne killer. Tazorac is top choice and don't give up on it. It takes long time to see results from it. Expect initial breakouts/purging and or peeling from the Tazorac. It doesn't happen to everyone but a lot of people go through the purging phase from retinoids. But it'