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  1. I have been on 10mg per day since mid december, and I have had so far very good results as my acne is tapering off to maybe 1 pimple/week or less. I had the initial breakout, which was a killer, dry lips/skin is a bugger for me. I am 60 kilograms, my doctor said if 10mg works it is best to stay with it unless the acne persists, so I basically decide how many mg I want. I have 90 pills left, so 3 months, and I might go longer if required.
  2. My doctor is giving me accutane 10mg as long as I want really, if I get a breakout, boom I get 30 pills. My brother also gets 10mg freely. Is there such a thing as a vitamin allergy? Sounds like a natropath's opinion.
  3. Interesting opinion, but regadless of sex, most people are evil. In africa men have sex with <12 month old babies in the vain attempt to cure their AIDS, and most wars are started by ego fueled men. You think your life has been pummeled by women (probably immature girls as stupid as immature boys), quite unlikely, realitly is something we fabricated as an excuse for our problems. Really, there is no reality, only perception. And to positively percieve everything, is what make some people uniq
  4. I usually get thirsty after meals, esp. salty ones. Also, if I do any physical activity like cycling for 5 hours, you have to drink every 15 minutes and eat every 30 minutes, or else you'll never make it past 2 hours. I guess I could try, but there are a number of problems. It sorta makes sense in a way, but then again I know countless people who are anything but healthy, and drink loads of crap with every meal and their complexion is fine, how innoying.
  5. Nordics and Russians know best. Baking in a sauna while drinking vodka and eating salt cured fish, then madly jumping into a frozen lakes has many health benefits, otherwise they wouldn't have been doing it for centuries. A hot bath relaxes your organs and mind, I find a hot tub makes me very drowsy. Ever try to sleep in a cold bath?, the body responds by drawing blood flow from your limbs to your vitals that require warm fresh blood. That is why in winter your hands and feet get numb. Anyways i
  6. Americans, have the honor of consuming the most dairy than any other nation, and also have the embarrasment of sporting the highest rate of osteoporosis. Is there a correlation?, is purely up to you. Japanese traditionaly do not eat dairy, but since americanization they had to come up with a word for osteoporosis, as they never experienced it before. The acidity of dairy, a low pH, has to be alkalized in the body, the only way for this is to leech calcium from the bones. Sure baby calfs need to
  7. I went ten days once, could have gone longer I think... Shizza, I'll do it, let it be the ultimate test dammit. I guess I have two days to enjoy myself.... All of march?, 8-[ holy crap I guess I'll try. Besides, if it doesn't work, or even if it does, it gives you something to do, or not do. I hope I don't get a wet dream, never had one, don't plan on having one. I think we should try all of march and list side effects, good and bad. Like lack of concentration maybe?, I think I better buy some
  8. B5 is a B-vitamin, one of 8 or something.., anyways, it is more commonly refered to as pantothenic acid. Do not mix that up with pantothenine, which is for cholesterol i think. Just search,http://acne.org/messageboard/search.php, on this forum, "pantothenic", and you will find a bunch of threads conataining good info, and all the dirt on it.
  9. indeed, icing helps me. Talk to any Swedish fellow and you will find they go in the sauna and run outside in the freezing cold to get the blood flowing. I read in one of my books that initially, cold slows your blood down, but after you become comfortable with the cold your body responds by sending more fresh blood to the inflicted area. Other way around with hot, as you should notice after going in a hot bath or steam room reall does relax and tire you, while jumping in a pool of ice almost giv
  10. When I began to break out with acne, I was eating a bag a chips and pop everyday, with little water, no supplements, and I never ate breakfast. Now that I look at myself, I eat far more healthy, have read many health books and magazines, and almost never eat junk food. I hate to say it, but if acne never happend, I might still be the average unhealthy, thoughtless guy about my health. Acne has led me to treating other health problems naturally and effectively. I'm at the high point in my lif
  11. GNC brand might do ya good, but I've heard bad things about their B5. Swanson has an awesome deal if your interested, 500caps at 500mg each for 16bucks, me being a canadian it's still a great deal even with shipping, exchange rate, and tax. http://www.swansonvitamins.com/
  12. Thought this might be helpful for people thinking about B5 megadosing. Oh ya, I'm posting this in scar treatments cause this is the best part of this forum Personally, I havn't done the megadose, but I'll probly try, and post comments below about your experience if you fancy.
  13. When you blow your load, you don't just bust a nut, your body undergoes a chemical change. Sex hormones are released, and eventually after jerking excessively many test patients become fatigued, lack of concentration and memory loss, because of the burning out of acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin. Also DHT, an androgen, is released in excess which is essentially why teens get hormonal acne. On the other hand, men who ejaculate around 200x per year live years longer than the stiffs out there
  14. Remember, doctors work for drug companies, they prescribe their products. They could lose their job or get a lawsuit if they recommend anything else but a drug. Again it is all about money.
  15. No matter how much or how often I put BP on, and how little and rarely I use moisturizer, I never get dryness, irritation, shiny, or anything. I'm sure glad I don't need to worry. BP works wonders by the way.
  16. Phew, it is completely gone. Bp worked, I just loaded it on there, plus some natural topical antibiotics and antiseptics, and clindoxyl. Btw that tape method is amazing, never has my face been so smooth; finally some real skin.
  17. I have not had a cyst in more than a month, but I feel one coming on the side of my nose. Any quick methods of atleast diminishing it so it does not go nuts? Wether it's easy or hard to aquire I'll take any suggestions, thanks for any help!!! Other than that, my whole face is pimple free, numerous scars, but no poppers.
  18. That should work, iodine should be in the diet, but too much will cause disaster, it aggravates acne like a mutha. Don't forget water, thats key. Looks like your using lots of face products, careful you don't rub too much or too hard. Keep at it, worked for me.
  19. pelantire


    Popcorn does not help me, I seem to break out when I eat it, I know why but it is very complicated, it would take pages to explain but all that should be said is avoid it like soda.
  20. Putting it on your face helps, it can work wonders for some people, but I am going crazy and drinking it like water. Might even turn into a lemon if I eat any more, seems to work, burn that evil acne.
  21. All three of those things can aggravate acne, sweating actually helps things but if let the sweat dry ur in trouble. Thats all I can say about that, maybe try avoiding the smoke and use sunscreen. Rinse off the sweat, if that does not help it could just be coincidence that it is coming with summer, good luck.
  22. I don't know how serious you are about changing your diet, but skin is diet, acne is a symptom. Skin is included in the network of organs, every organ, in your body. If you are taking minocycline, ( worked good for me), you should buy a B-Complex. Antibiotics leech the magic B's from you. Nutritional yeast, brewers yeast, and wheat germ all are loaded full of B vitamins; most B vitamins are for skin. I'm 15 and my brother had the cystic horrible terrible thing going on, and I was next but for cl
  23. Sugar should be avoided, it is basically the most common inflammitory substance today. There is a plant called stevia, and at $10cdn you can get a 2 ounce bottle that needs 5 drops to sweeten any drink hot or cold. It is 50 times sweeter than sugar in liquid concentrate. In powdered form it is 200 times sweeter. I suggest you buy/read Dr. Nicolas Pericone's book, The Pericone Prescription. It helped me find the cure now I am treating dreaded scars. Plus if you keep on a low sugar diet, no ca