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  1. It sounds really awful I know, but I honestly feel so much better after looking at these pictures and seeing that all these gorgeous stars suffer like the rest of us! Hey, does anyone know if the model KIM SMITH suffers with acne and do they have any pictures? Only asking cos my ex boyfriend thought she was so perfect and it would make me feel better knowing that she wasnt quite so perfect after all! (Sorry, sad arnt I?)
  2. I'm 32 and feel pretty much the same! I feel as though my scars must have been there for ages, but they only really started bothering me about 5 years ago! So, whether thats because they are more noticeable now, I dont know! ? Sometimes I even wonder if coming on this board too much actually makes you obsess about your skin more! I mean, I love this board and the info is so useful, but I seriously dont come on here quite as often I used to cos it makes me analyse my skin even more!
  3. I think your question was already answered - TAZORAC! Whether it will work for you, I dont know, Ive never tried it, but I think that is what Feel good Inc is suggesting you try.
  4. Ive been wondering the exact same thing, Im just on my third week of Accutane, and I think that the overall appearance of my skin looks alot smoother including my indented/pitted scars. I previously posted about using a topical while on Accutane, and people basically responded saying it was a no-no, so I decided not to do it, but then I thought about trying just a test patch on a particular scar. The topical I tested was Dermalogica skin renewal booster containing Lactic and Salicylic acid (I
  5. Yes, beentheredonethat is just being wise and offering everyone some REALLY good advice. I second what is being said!
  6. My Derm has also told me that Tane does not cause scarring. This is my second round of Tane (started 2 weeks ago) - my first being 10 years ago. I was left with scars then tho - but Im pretty sure that these were scars I wouldve got whether I had been on Tane or not! Im really interested to hear Keith that you think Accutane has improved your scars - and Im really hoping it will do the same for me. Have you notice great improvement? Did you use any other products whilst on Tane to help
  7. Sorry, maybe Im being stupid, but what do you mean by this? Do you mean, we should use retinoids whilst on Tane and will notice improvement after the course? Or do you mean that Accutane is a retinoid itself? Just curious cos I too have scarring and am currently on Tane.
  8. I think it depends on how many mg's of Accutane you are on! I was on Tane approx 10 years ago. My Derm put me straight on 80mg a day and I noticed differences to my skin instantly - including seeing the blackheads practically disappear over night. It was great - apart from alot of dry skin and some hair loss tho! Now, 10 years later I have had to start another course unfortunately. Anyway, this time round, I have been prescribed 30mg a day and Ive hardly noticed any changes. Still got blac
  9. Ok, thanks for all your replies. Im gonna play it safe and not do anything. I just really wish that there was some safe and effective miracle product out that that we could ALL use to get rid of our scars!
  10. Lets not forget the ladies too! Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Brittney Spears - anyone else? They are only human, but it makes me feel tons better when I see these gorgeous hollywood babes with spots and scars. Has anyone noticed Nelly Furtados skin too? Shes just recently made a come back and been promoting herself on TV alot, and I noticed during an interview - she really did look like she has pitted scarring on her cheeks. However, of you watch her music video or see the front cover of h
  11. Ive already posted this question in the acne prescription section, but thought you guys that read the scar section might be more knowledgeable on the subject?? Im currently on Accutane and, like most, am suffering alot of dry flaky skin. Prior to going on Tane I was using Dermalogica Skin Renewal Booster, which was recommended to me to help smooth out some pitted scarring I have on my cheeks. I cant really say that it was working on the scarring, but it did make my skin really soft and I was a
  12. So you dont find the microdermabrasion sponge too harsh then? Do you have any pitted scars, and if so do you find that the sponge helps with the appearance of the scars?
  13. Whilst on Accutane you need to moisturise more than ever - and Im currently smothering my lips in vaseline about 4 times a day as they are soooo dry!
  14. Im currently on Tane too, and I was wondering the exact same thing too, except I dont think I would use a grainy scrub or anything whilst on Tane, but prior to going on Tane I was using Dermalogica Skin Renewal Booster, which was recommended to me to help smooth out some pitted scarring on my cheeks. I cant really say that it worked on the scarring, but it did make my skin really soft and I was actually thinking of using that as an exfoliator while on Tane - does anyone think it would be too ha
  15. I am so interested in this - but really scared to do it. I prolly couldnt do it just yet anyway cos Im currently on Accutane - but its defo something I wanna try after the Tane. Please, keep us informed of your progress and I really hope it works for you. Its great to hear you are excited about it. Fingers crossed for you mate!