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  1. Hi everyone, It's been a super duper long time since I last posted on here. I have been using the Dan's Regimen for around 10 years now. It has always kept my skin more or less clear - I used to be on Yasmin + the Regimen and my skin was 95% clear, but then came off contraceptive pills and since then my skin has been around 85-95% clear for a couple of years. I believe that my skin has never been 100% NOT due to any fault with the Regimen - but due to my skin's sensitivity to makeup, the
  2. Helloo mi lady=) Merry December to you x

  3. HELLOOO! :) How are you?xxx

  4. Popped up (no pun intended) on my youtube featured videos, thought it was quite funny and some peeps might enjoy it
  5. I'm doing pretty swell O:

  6. I'm not too shabby thx, you?

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Have a brillo day!! Thanks for everythin!
  8. danku danku :D i've got the song in my head now ;p

  9. I like your signature.... yeah. That is all. :]

  10. It's not certain you'll get a hole in your face! I had a spot once on my chin that I decided to squeeze, and it was like a monster was growing under my skin after that, I couldn't hardly move my mouth without it really hurting, it was all swollen and about 2-3 cms in length under my skin! I cried so much too, but you know what? It's soon over, just a couple of days! Like any infection/sore it will get better! Just don't panic and slop loads of stuff on it, let your skin breathe and don't touch i
  11. Yeah same I've got tons of work, but i can't wait to get back to uni! got anythin planned for summer?