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  1. :-k soes any one know a safe way to exfoliate while maintaining the acne cure regimine, thanx in advance
  2. sorry about the spelling people i hope u can understand what im saying
  3. as far as exercise goes just try to do some activity that get your body sweating, and when u drink alot of water on a regular basis it flushis your system, i love the fealing of a good sweat then shower, my face always feels fresh afterwards...good luck
  4. / whats good people, i m writing this post to hopfully help some one the way this site helped me. Ive ben on the acne cure for tw weeks with remarkable results, im 22 black male with moderate acne. heres is what ive been doing. yea, u have to open the attachment up now these are the products and the methods i use! the products to get are 1.Sylic Acid-(St ives-exfoliating face cloths)- (they come in a lil plastic box) 2%sylic acid ($6 at Walmart) 2.Glycolic (AcidAlpha Hydrox con
  5. also i read a post on using lemon water, vinegar, and neosporin...my question is: are u supposed to use the neosporin as a moisturiser and has anyone with my skin type(african american) seen positive results by using this method?
  6. by "scar" i mean the dark brown spot that old pimlples leave, thanks for the usefull info
  7. whats good everyone,im new to this post but i apreciate the fact that people are realy trying to help each other. here are the facts about me: -im a 21 year old african-american male with mild to moderate acne -im brown skined and i have some scarring , im not to familiar about all the diffrent types of scars but mine seem to be all on the surface of my skin(i guess thats a good thing) can anyone help me with products that would be good for my skin type thanx in advance