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  1. since accutane reduces the oil that the oil glands produce, would that make for worse skin as an older adult?.....what im asking is if whether or not the oil reduction f*cks the skin up later on...
  2. thats what i was thinking but.....just curious i guess
  3. took accutane?? someone with normal, clear skin.....just curious (not for me but in general)
  4. brushie....we're in the exact same situation....the whole doxy thing, the contemplating of going on accutane for the summer....i am willing to get rid of this mild acne if it takes this summer
  5. just curious if anyone has done this and what their experiences were....say early-mid May till October??
  6. i dont use anything after i shave....i take a shower/wash with C&C advantage.....then come out, rinse with some warm water and shave.....after im done i pat dry and im good to go
  7. what i was trying to get across was the few people that just SAY, "well, im totally clear....blah blah"...i never said i would just leave either angel...i said i'd let people know how i got clear, then gradually fade away
  8. I'm very curious to know why people come here and advertise how clear they are, not offer up the greatest advice yet remain on the boards daily....don't know about you guys but once i'm clear, i'll let ya know how/when, then i'm gone.....just a question been floating in my head, what the deal is with these people....
  9. i've been on doxy for a good month now, and im getting some serious chapped lips....i live in FL so its not a cold thing....im not sure whats going on...nothing has changed
  10. actually its better than what you just said....you wonder why your skin is so oily?? maybe its your 5 washings per day...ur skin is makin up for each and every time u strip it of its protective oil....
  11. when/how long does it take for doxy to be absorbed into the bloodstream?? when i finish this month, should it be doin its job? I have been on it 3 weeks (today)...
  12. isnt accutane supposed to be taken with fatty stuff (more good than bad)?? thats the word on the street anyway
  13. if you're that oily, go a week with just water as ur facewash...it WILL most definitely balance you out