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  1. I would suggest u go to a derm also Vitamin E oil may not be the most effective for your marks right now coz they seem quite severe Do you still have acne now? or is it just marks remaining?
  2. I find the same thiing, but not for scars Despite people telling me that BP makes red marks stays longer I find the peeling I get from using BP gel actually makes it disappear quicker
  3. didn't happen to me i actually experienced less breakout after doing this you may want to try it on a small patch of your chest first then, see what the reaction is
  4. Hi I used to get tons of outbreaks on my chest And I found regular scrubbing and using BP on it works for me. Perhaps you can try that?
  5. Hi there I am not exactly sure where you can buy them in Asia...all I know is that in Australia they don't sell such a high concentration in pharmacies, hence the reason why I order online. But I guess it's worthwhile asking ur local pharmacy and see if there's any over-the-counter. Otherwise there are fairly good oversea sellers available on ebay where I got it from you can try. There are also plenty of other sites that sell glycolic acid, do a little search thru these message boards and I t
  6. Hi there Yes, I have done testing in the past and found that washing the acid off does cause less deep peeling, so it would be a more gradual process, it would really depend how much your skin can tolerate it I guess; if your in doubt, always wash it off because there is a big risk in doing it. I found my skin can tolerate leaving the acid off, altho it did sting a lot doing so (hence I am taking a couple of weeks off it to let my skin recover a little) Hope it answers your question! Someone
  7. It's been ages since I've logged into acne.org, but I decided to do it again so I can share with you all what I am doing to clear up my back acne scars, and it seems to be working really well for me! Ok so let me do a little intro first I am a 21 years old female that have had bacne for the past 8 or so years (ever since I hit 13 ) It's never been REALLY severe, but severe enough to leave tons of little red marks all over my back, I've tried tons of stuff, tea tree, clinique body spray, sham
  8. hey there and welcome i believe that u should go check out the red marks board there should be a decent amount of posts you can have a look and and see which method to fade red marks suit u the best good luck!
  9. i've been reading from another forum that people who get a lot of bumps (not necessarily acne) can improve the condition by getting a back massage once a week- i believe it might help due to increase blood circulation? and coming to think of it, when i did acupunture at the start of the year, the guy did give me a 10 minutes back massage prior to each treatment, and throughout the treatment period my back never felt smoother! unfortunately now it has returned to its previous status i don't ge