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  1. Justtired, I was wondering the same thing. I posted that question on here a while back, but now I can't archive my old posts. Anyways, every doctor I've gone to around here is all about lasers, and trust me, they don't really work that well. I would really like to go to an actual Dermatologist for the scars rather than these cosmetic surgeons who don't really specialize in acne scars. Let me know if you find a good Derm and I'll do the same.
  2. You want to use a skin lightening cream or something similar to it that has Hydroquinone in it. I had some that had 5% in it and it worked great at fading some spots. Check the percentage on the tube/bottle and I would recommend using the one w/the higher amount in it.
  3. I recently have been using M.O.M. as a primer and I highly recommend it. I use a cotton ball and apply a thin coat on my face. After it's dry I then apply a bit of foundation and then powder from a compact. It's totally amazing because I can basically go the whole day shine free. In the past I had to use a blotting paper every few hours, then apply more powder. Now, I don't have to blot at all throughout the day. It's truly a great make up secret. You get a big bottle for $4, as opposed to a l
  4. ...that specializes in acne scar revision. I know there are a ton of cosmetic surgeons in the L.A. area, and I've had consultations with a few (they all claim lasers are going to "erase" the scars...which I know is a load of crap). I've also had some laser work done with minimal improvement. I feel that none of the doctors I've talked to really specialize in scar revision. It's always one out of like 30 things they "specialize" in. I would love it if someone could recommend a doctor they've been
  5. Do most doctors that do Restylane do Sculptra, too? Is Sculptra more expensive than Radiance and Restylane?
  6. Arya... I know exactly how you feel! Anyways, I would like to hear about this too. I am very hesitant about lasers, but not completely opposed to them. Can someone recommend a doctor in L.A. that does Fraxel laser for scars?
  7. Love, thank you so much for the information! It really does sound like Restylane is the way to go. Now I know to ask my doctor about the 3 types...that is news to me. Plus, I've also heard that Radiance can be lumpy. Would you mind telling me the cost of the Restylane? Was it per CC?
  8. I am thinking of trying one of these fillers. I know that the results are temporary, but I want to do it anyways. I wanted to know which one would be recommended. I know that Radiance is more expensive, but supposedly it lasts longer. However, I've also heard that it doesn't last as long as it claims. Would Restylane be the way to go, since it costs less and could possibly have the same results? If anyone has tried one or the other or both, it would be great to hear what you have to say.
  9. I just saw Ray Liotta interviewed on TV on a pre-emmy show and I was paying close attention to his skin. They were outside in the sunlight and his skin looked really smooth. You couldn't tell that he had/has acne scarring. I would really like to know what he got done. It would be great if he (and other celebrities w/scarring) felt comfortable enough to talk about treatments they've done, it would be inspirational to alot of people. I'm sure they've had their share of dissappointing results, just
  10. Unhappy, it is really sad that doctors want you to spend thousands of dollars on something that they probably know will have minimal results. They show some convincing looking before/after pics of past patients and hope that that lures you in. I'm beginning to think that the pics that these places show on their sites or in the office are tricks. How can it be that SO MANY people on this site have had no success with laser. And everyone on here is a real, live, person talking honestly about their
  11. Unhappy, I think it was Yag or something and one Smoothbeam treatment. The good thing is neither of these left me with any red/pink marks or disscoloration. Infact, by the next day I had no pinkness and you couldn't even tell I had something done. The BAD thing is that they made no great improvements on my scars. I have scars on my cheeks that I was hoping would be helped by the laser...guess I was wrong. I keep seeing on here good things about the Fraxel laser. That is probably the only laser
  12. I was wondering what kind of laser treatment you had done a month ago. A few years ago I had some laser treatments done, and I honestly can't say I saw any great results. They promise you the world when you have a consultation. I think they know that the results will be minimal, but they say all the right things, knowing that you're desperate to try anything to make your skin look better. They see dollar signs, it's quite sad & annoying.
  13. I was at Sephora and they had this product from Amazing Cosmetics that is a very thick, concentrated concealer. A teeny bit went a long way. I tested it on my hand and it had a lot of coverage. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with this product? I was trying to find Dermablend, but apparantly you can't buy that brand at any stores any longer. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this product is the same type as Dermablend.
  14. Thanks for the info! I had never heard of that brand before. I checked out their site. Is it the cover creme that's so thick?