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  1. hey dan, A while back i posted a recommendation for everybody to try zinc and chromium, although i don't know if it's my post in particular your thinking of (my tag line: I beg all of you to try zinc and chromium/ or something like that). I'm very happy you're seeming some results with this combination. Personally I've continued to have brilliant success with the chromium and zinc. The only time i seem to break out is when I'm bulking and eating a ridiculous
  2. As of right now I'm not sure. My redmarks have continued to improve over the months but I can't be certain that it's the supplements or just natural healing. As a progress report my skin remains clear which is very encouraging. After several weeks at 100 mg zinc, I've reduced the dosage to 50 mg. Hopefully the brilliant results will continue. I'd like to know if anyone has started taking the zinc and chromium and seen results. If so please reply. I'd also like to say that taking zinc at 10
  3. "One study reported that participants taking 30 mg of zinc daily had a clearer complexion after two months than participants taking a placebo, at least according to the evaluating physicians. In a separate study, zinc performed as well as the standard acne antibiotic, tetracycline." Counter-point: "Not all studies have found zinc to be beneficial for acne, however." FYI
  4. I should clarify the dosage. 50 mg zinc x 2 200 mcg chromium gtf x 4 You should attempt to spread out the dosage in order to maximize the absorption. 50 mg and 200 mcg are common USP values in the U.S.
  5. Hey guys, I've done a fair share of research concerning the safety of taking zinc and chromium supplements. The results i've gotten are pretty positive. Lots of research studies have shown that massive amounts of chromium are required for toxcity, and I mean massive. On the order of 300 to 400 x the amount present in supplements. Zinc on the other hand poses more of a danger if taken beyond 100 mg a day due to the risk of copper deficiency. This can be dealt with by staying below 100 mg a
  6. After two weeks I am completely clear. I've been taking 100 mg zinc and 800mcg chromium gtf daily and this has really contained my acne. I've recommended this treatment to three of my friends with really bad acne and it's worked for them too. They haven't had any new flareups after only a few days of taking the zinc and chromium. I had been on the regimen for about 5 months and just got tired of the dryness and hassle of benzoyl peroxide. I posted a while back about how vegetables seemed to he
  7. This is my first post. I just wanted to share with you my experience with diet and acne. I tried Dan's regimen and i got great results but still got occassional acne. After adding a few things to my diet my acne completely disappeared. These are the foods I added and reduced from my daily diet. 1. 1 or 2 bowls of mixed vegetables : peas, carrots, and corn ( frozen bags from ralphs or albertsons, really cheap) 2. 1 cup of green tea (supposedly rich in antioxidants) 3. no binging on sugary food