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  1. o my god , changed again its getting laughable now.
  2. ok im 21 had acne since i was 11, over the last year my acne hasnt been as bad as usuall. I also stoped dans regimen a year ago (duno if thats why). but anyway how would i know if im growing out, do you just stoping getting them one day or would it be a process of getting less and less until i dont get any more. thanks
  3. how? pop it and dont put bp on it, put sudocrem or something on it and the red mark wont stay too long.
  4. so you took a bath and when you got out your acne was gone? I find that very very hard to believe.
  5. I just wash and mosturize , being doing it for months now, sudocrem at night now and again. General complexion looks miles better and any spots i get are nowhere near as inflammed as they would be using BP. That regimen destroys your skin and the people who love it so much will not be loving it so much in a few years time.
  6. Im just worryed about the long term effects of using bp , cant be good.
  7. my skin is much better after stoping the regimen about 8 months ago, i just spot treat these days, i wouldnt dream of covering my face in that shit again, very bad for the skin
  8. does anyone know of any good SALICYLIC ACID porducts i could use untill dans comes out, i dont wana use bp no more, thanks
  9. i bought a phillips beard trimmer and was wondering is it ok to use it without the guard on it, the lowest setting dosent seem to be that close.
  10. I take it you only had a few 'baby' spots. youve no red marks at all.
  11. Dan did you any pics of your skin when you broke out on the diet thing.