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  1. water is good for you for sure.. and junk food is bad for you... and moving your self into a health life style also prolongs your life.... 2 showers is a bit intense but if it worked for you, thats good. Where do you purchase 10,000 I,U of Vitamin E cream? I was only able to find 2,000 at my drug store and that cost like 20$.. hmmm.. I know that Vitamin E is the best cream for removing scars and red dots.. so I need to pick my self up some of that... some dude told me to buy the Vitamin E capsu
  2. who cares about sex.. seriously man.. no one will kno you are a virgin.. keep it a secret... just jerk off for now to build it up... Sex is overated.
  3. hey guys hows it going. I haven't posted here in a loooong time.. I took a little break from the forums back in the day.. anyhows my problem is this: on my chin, right below my lip i have this like red spot. its not exactly red, but it is like really tanned, with a tint of red and it is a fairly large spot. The area seems to dry out alot and it just wont seem to go away. It is driving me nuts.. I bought this vitamin e cream that is 2000 IU of vitamin and have been using that for a week but h
  4. oursfan he says its around his eyes and not his actualy eye it self... My eyes sting when i apply the vinegar because of the fumes, but that is natura because it is a strong acid, me thinks.
  5. does the vinegar have to be mixed with water? and does a lemon water mix also do the same thing as the vinegar if appled to face?
  6. hey all i get this too. my neck gets iritated as well.. it really pisses me off.. and i seem to get white heads from it to... its wierd.
  7. hey all.. i diluted the vinegar in some water and dabbed it on with a cotton ball. my skin feels a bit stiff on the on the cheeks.... anyway thanks lot maya.
  8. why does the vinegar help clear up scars?
  9. cant you just remove the blackheads?
  10. why would your face get oily from absorbing light emited by the monitor? sorry no answer to your question, just, isnt the light emited from monitor same as any other type of light?