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  1. Does anyone have a good online australian pharmacy to order from (to ship to USA)?
  2. Anyone know where you can get Provon now? I used to order from GoJo, but they no longer sell it directly. They said to buy from the Betty Mills Company, but they only sell it by the case as far as I can tell on the web site. Thanks, Cram
  3. Thanks. I have been using the Skinoren Gel for about a year now. It has really helped me and is one of the best products I have ever used for my skin. Not a cure, of course, but it has helped alot and is much less irritating than most other products I have tried. -Cram
  4. Personally, I like both. However, the best thing about the bottles before (e.g., the cleanser) was that it came with both a pump and a flip top! That way, you had a choice, and I thought that was the best "customer first" thing I had seen in a long time. Because, while it cost more to do, it showed a real concern for meeting the needs of the consumer. For BP: I think you should keep both. Use the bottles for larger sizes of BP (8 oz and 16 oz) and tubes for the smaller (2 oz and 4 oz).
  5. Can someone with a tube of Finacea check and see if the Skinoren gel is exactly the same as Finacea? Here is the Skinoren content list: Composition The active substance is azelaic acid. 1 g Skin receivable 15% gel containing 0.15 g azelaic acid. The other ingredients are: (3-sn-Phosphatidyl) cholin, medium chain triglycerides, polysorbate 80, propylene, Carbomer 980, sodium hydroxide, Disodium edetate, purified water, benzoic acid (E 210). Skin receivable 15% gel is available in tubes o
  6. I think there is probably a connection, but I don't know of any research to support that "hunch". They are both inflammatory diseases of sorts and I suspect a lot of people whose acne continues into adulthood end up with some form of fibromyalgia, rhuematism, arthritis, etc. However, like I said, I am not aware of any firm research on the topic. Maybe someone else will know of some. For fibromyalgia you might consider trying SAM-e. It is over the counter in the USA (I think it is Rx in Ca
  7. Most of you are "whippersnappers" compared to me, I'm 47 and have fought moderate inflammatory acne since I was 16. It was just as bad in my 20's as in my teens. It did not really start to slow down a little until I hit my late 30's or early 40's. It is better now, but still flares up and I always have something going on to deal with regarding my complexion (just not the really bad cystic stuff I used to have - at least not usually). I agree with the earlier posts about there being somethi
  8. Hello All, I am one of the older ones of the group at 47 years young, having battled with moderate inflammatory acne since I was 16. Back then (in the - gulp- '70's), a doctor prescribed some sort of topical liquid to put on my face that really helped. I don't remember what it was. I do remember that it was given in addition to BP (which was presecription back then). It was a clear liquid of water consistency and came in a typical brown prescription bottle (Like Rx cough medicines still d
  9. Here is a link (I hope it works) from the Canadian US Embassy: http://canada.usembassy.gov/content/can_us..._crs_010804.pdf Good Luck, -Cram
  10. Certainly, if you hve the beard to do it and like the look then give it a try. Shaving definitely creates problems for me (my first breakout occured after shaving), but years of various acne treatments (and probably some genetics as well) left me with not enough of a beard to look good. If it works for you then give it a try. You can always shave it off it you don't like it and you have lost nothing. Good luck! -Cram
  11. Well, I am using one (Finacea) that is prescribed for acne, just not nearly as often as other topicals. It is great at reducing redness and inflamation, its also antibacterial. Willow, et al: I did a search on the boards here for Finacea and read a lot of posts. It looks promising for me and my skin type. I see that in the States it is Rx only. However, in Canada it is OTC. I'm wondering now: Does anyone know if it is legal or illegal to purchase from Canada a product that is OTC ther