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  1. dear cyndipa... thanks for your post. I just wanted to let you know that I read a while back, with more than one reference I think, that it is not advised to take BCP and saw palmetto at the same time. i could be wrong as it was a while ago...but for your health's sake, please check again....
  2. Hello everyone... Has anyone experienced severe hairloss (any hair loss) with the use of Ortho or and other BCP????
  3. hello everyone! Does anyone know of a good brand of rosehip oil for topical use? Something that can be purchased in Canada if possible!? thanks so much in advance
  4. Dear Kelin, I don't know if you still post...but if you could update us on your condition and recount your experience with regular orthotricyclen, I would really appreciate it...your story is one of the main reasons that I am terrified to start taking it as I would use it mainly for birthcontrol purposes only...don;t want to have to deal with the acne worsening later on...just could not take that ....
  5. Sure, there are horror stories, and they seem like a lot, but it's a very small percentage that experience really bad side effects. You will not "permanently alter your hormonal makeup." If the acne clears up because of the pills, not taking them just means your acne was hormonal to begin with so when you take away the bc the hormonal imbalance that caused the acne comes back and you get acne again. Long-term use of hormonal contraceptives also has proven benefits, such as decreased risk of o
  6. Hello everyone... I wanted to start taking ortho as a means of birth control with the acne benefits as sort of icing on the cake...I read horror stories about the others...my acne has improved a great deal through age and my own efforts (from ravaging these boards)...I am just scared to alter my hormonal make up permanently that when I come off of the pill, it will lead me to break out like never before and I am also afraid of the weight gain...I just really need a form of birth control (to be
  7. I wonder if poor digestion has an impact on acne. perhaps those who are lactose intolerant (mild-severe) will break out from the stress? I am sorry if this sounds ridiculous as I really know nothing scientific....just an observation? anyone with thoughts/experience?
  8. Hi...I am new to the london area...I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about a good antibacterial body cleanser that would be equivalent to the Dial Antib. wash from the US? thanks in advance.
  9. Hi everyone... has anyone exeperienced very small little red bumps just above the waist on their back...don't know how to get rid of them...anyone have any ideas what 1) these things are 2) how to get rid of 'em! Thanks!
  10. now some of the top layers of the skin came off! I really don't want it to scar (did not bleed)...but I get dark marks and red marks very easily!!! I just never learn...it was one of the pimples that felt like it needed to be pop (and would easily!) Was terribly wrong! Please tell me what to do about it asap! I would really really appreciate any feedback! Thank you everyone in advance!
  11. now some of the skin came off and I am scared that it is going to scar!!! I get dark and red marks easily and have had indents before! I just never learn! it was one of those that felt very easy to pop... What should I do ASAP?
  12. shyana! Thanks so much for your input...at least I can rest a little easier now! Sp