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  1. ok, so i know loads of people must have talked about this already, and i know that your not meant to drink whilst on accutane but i wana know why! Is it just the effect on your liver or does it affect the drugs effectiveness at all!? i've just started uni and been hard to not drink, been drinking almost every night now for about a week and wondering if im ruining the drug, coz i dnt care about my liver lol
  2. sometimes i just dont know when to stop rubbing and rip the skin off my face, but how am i meant to know when to stop
  3. just seems like, if its balling and coming off on your fingers, of course uv rubbed it in too much, just seems obvious to me, but never mind!
  4. lol, oh come on! it's pretty much common sense isnt it!!? if u rub it until it starts coming off guess what its not absorbing
  5. well, my skins not as dry as it was anymore i think moisturing loads at night is most important coz its always in the morning that my skin is really dry
  6. hmm, yeah im slapping it on at the moment, i wonder if its meant to be this drying though
  7. i've just started the regimen about 4 or 5 days ago now(moisturisng included) and my skin had been getting drier and drier until this morning i woke up and it was rediculous! There wasnt a part of my face that wasnt dry and flaking never seen anything like it. Is this normal? Did anyone else go through this?