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  1. yea dude, i feel the same way. when my skin starts itching in certain spots, i know that acne is gonna form there. sucks =(
  2. haha u guys just aren't smoking enough of it i did a grav bong in my friends dorm and ended up roaming the halls like a zombie. i was pure white, eyes bleeding lmao stuff was mad wack That was the first time I ever did a grav, so i didn't know it would make me ghost white. But wow the RA saw me going to my dorm, and a few minutes later the cops arrived and me and my friends denied everything and said we were sick. They couldn't search our dorm till the next day without a warrant, so we som
  3. ^ ur hott lolll yea i use jojoba oil at night with moisturizer. its good stuff
  4. ROCK ON MAN!!! Everyone lets all dip our heads in Crisco and smoke blunts! Who's with me my brothers!? LOLLLLLLL
  5. I'm a freshman. haha yea it was pretty stupid to get stoned the day before the final. I had no idea how powerful it was gonna be. Smoked it at 4 pm, and even when I got up at 11 in the morning i was still partially stoned... LOL
  6. ahhh yea weed is one messed up drug it plays with ur head man, first u look at the mirror and ur like, "hey my face dont look half bad" then u smoke it up, and holy wowzorz omgwtfbbq!!! ur skin looks so mad retarded. is it the weed playing tricks with my mind or something or do other people notice a similar effect. But yea weed's too good cuz u forget about everything. Like I had a final today, but I got so high yesterday that I didn't even care. When your high u just don't give a rat's a$
  7. where can u buy this stuff? its not even on drugstore... btw i live in the US
  8. yea bro, acne does look wayyy worse when ur stoned. sometimes i wonder if it is the weed playing tricks with me. he's like a little leprachaun that lives inside my butt LOL wow im so stoned right now Burger King TIME! Kowabunga!
  9. Short story: Was on DKR regimen for 8 months, used 1/4 finger BP morning and night, moisturizer heavily. Had to stop regimen because of chronic dryness no moisturizers worked. I have been off BP for 6 months now, I dont even use soap to wash. I know its the winter months, but I can't get rid of the "BP dryness wrinkles" on my skin. I've tried tons of moisturizers, including all the ones listed under the DKR regimen tho im not on it. This is my regimen now: Wash with water, moisturizer wit
  10. The ingredient listed as myristyl myristate is known to be highly comedogenic, Yet complex 15 states clearly that it is non comedogenic on the bottle. I suggest people read through the list of ingredients on their moisturizer found on this site. http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm It will definitely have some help when purchasing a moisturizer.
  11. thanks for the reply brandy, yea i think the neutrogena stuff is just drying me out to be honest. Um when i first came off the regimen i didn't break out really. However my acne was not that bad. I never got cysts or anything just regular pimples. Jojoba oil is amazing IMO It shrank my pores, moisturizes well, improved my complexion. And all u need is a couple drops then just rinse it off a min later. I'll just heavily moisturize at night, and stop using AHA. Thanks guys
  12. I was on Dan's regimen for about 8 months or so, and i didn't even use half a fingers worth of bp. I moisturized everyday but my skin got too dry, so i stopped it. I haven't used BP in about 5 months and i currently barely get any pimples I wash with jojoba oil, moisturize with complex 15 in morning At night I wash with jojoba oil, and moisturize with complex 15 + Neutrogena Healthy Skin face lotion I have been doing this for about 3 months Why the hell is my skin still so dry. All i do is
  13. i was looking into buying this stuff at walmrt for a night cream. it says its non-comedogenic, yet it has petrolatum in it. isnt petroleum bad for acne prone skin i just a damn moisturizer to heal my skin. ive been off bp for montghs, and my skin is still tight these redmarks stay forever! =[ http://www.vaseline.com/vaseline/vic.html theres the link
  14. yea its pretty greasy, i just use it at night cuz itz amazing at combating dryness
  15. my skin is constantly dry, and out of all the moisturizers i used, this was the best. however i stopped using it cuz i heard mineral oil is pore clogging is this true? i remember someone on these forums getting great results w/ it. also, would adding 3 drops of jojoba be safe w/ this moisturizer... assuming it is non-comedogenic thanks!