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  1. I also get that brown skin, when needling... I do not really know what it is?
  2. Actually I asked Gumby whether I could publish his answers, but he said he did not want that...so actually that's not very good considering this thread
  3. Wow I am the one who asked Gumby all those questions! I do not really get where you have them from since they are in my inbox, but it does not matter as long as it helps people!
  4. Is a yellow quite small pimple considered a real pimple? Or is it just trapped fat? I just cannot find out whether it's a pimple when it has no inflammation?
  5. Hello everyone! Hope you all see improvement in your scars! I can now report that I am feeling MUCH MUCH better because I have found that needling works. It has completely changed my mood and I do not have a depression anymore. My scars are not gone, but they are improving, and if I continue they will disappear. Thanks for your help!
  6. Personally I do not go very deep. Only so the scar is ripped up a little bit and so that a little blood comes out. The blood forms a scab, and this scab fills in your icepick.
  7. One of my icepicks seems to have almost filled in completely after only to times of self-needling! Hope it keeps that way!
  8. Yep you do bleed a little CM77. Not too much though!
  9. zxc

    My SCENAR log

    Another interesting thing about the scenar is the fact that some redmarks (on my cheeks) I got from 6 months ago, which did not improve at all in 6 months, suddenly have begun improving A LOT! I cannot say if it is because I started using the scenar on them or whether it is just natural healing. It is just a bit funny that they suddenly start getting a lot better when I start using the scenar, is it not?
  10. I think needling actually works. Another user on this board (Gumby) has had experiences similar to yours. It is no wonder it works. You rip up the scar tissue and stimulate collagen production because of the injury. Even though it might just be swelling I think it will be permanent if you continue. I believe we have finally found a way "home-users" can get rid of scars (or at least improve them). Congratulations!
  11. zxc

    My SCENAR log

    Hey Floss! I like you persistence! Yes I consider the Scenar a better version of copper peptides. And just as with copper peptides you do not see any evident immediate results from your actions. But with the self-needling you actually see blood and the scar tissue getting ripped. I believe that is why I like that method in particular. But when you but copper peptides on your skin you cannot really see that something happens even though there might - it's the same with the scenar I think. I kno
  12. zxc

    My SCENAR log

    well when I bought it I thought it would just erase the scars, but I have found out it does not. Not over a week or something similar. Maybe it might work if you used it a lot, but if needling works and it takes a lot less time, then why not use that? Besides I am completely sure needling will eventually help (according to Gumby, who has completely removed his scars), but I might be unlucky to find out that the scenar would not work even if I used it a long time. Hope you can see that. Many p
  13. zxc

    My SCENAR log

    If I was you I would first do some self-needling before I bought it. Because I really feel the needling works. If it does not you could give the scenar a go. Do not be scared about the eye thing. It is only because the nerves around your eyes begin moving up and down, just as if you were mimicing. When you take the scenar away it goes away immediately. I do not think it is harmful in any way.
  14. testcvs, sorry to tell you, but there is no "natural cure" for acne scars. You will need some kind of treatment. You cannot just remove them by living you life a special way.
  15. You can never be perfect. I found out and I got a lot better. But therefore, there is no reason you should not try to improve your scars. If you can get them to almost disappear why wouldn't you. People often do not like perfect people.