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  1. I have this problem too, I'm wondering if theres something that im eating that is causing this??
  2. well, i took omegas and they broke me out big time, then i tried flax seed oil and i broke out even worse....so for me they suck!
  3. Aha Souffle is better, since it doesn't have silicone. I believe the Aqua Glycolic Moisturizer has Dimethicone, which makes me break out badly. I love the whole Alpha Hydrox line, great products!
  4. almonds make me break out really bad, mainly around my mouth and cheeks....weird, but so does peanut butter.
  5. sugar is the main culprit in my acne....avoiding candy and soda has completely cleared my skin, about 90%....its really hard because i love sweets, but its worth it!
  6. bp totally fucked up my face.....i will never let that stuff touch my face ever again!
  7. Both products contain Essential oils....and those screwed up my skin big time! Plus, the moisturizer has Glycerin in it as well, which breaks me out too....
  8. Algae extract isn't the big problem with this product, its the silicones......they always make me break out
  9. I started taking milk thistle about 2 weeks ago and the redness and blackheads on my forhead are gone! i think i may have damaged my liver from all the vicodin and ibuprofin i took a few months ago, i took way too much painkillers, more than i should have, but i think the milk thistle fixed the damage! btw, i took large amouts of painkillers because i had some severe tooth decay that acually kept me up at night
  10. this stuff broke me out big time...almost all burts products clogged my pores... the best way to exfoliate is glycolic acid...i pretty much don't break out anymore thanks to that stuff!
  11. a whiter shade of pale is a great song!!!

  12. Md forte does have the same ingredients, but it has 20% glycolic, Aqua has 12%...... Md costs around $30 -$35 depending on where you get it, I get mine from totalskincare.com....but i think drugstore.com is the cheapest....i also get the alpha hydrox gel from drugstore.com....it works really good. i don't think it does much for blackheads, but it makes my skin even and glowing. the BEST thing for blackheads on your nose is any of the clinique toners, because they all have alcohol....my blackhea
  13. mine lasted about 2 months....after i ran out i switched to MD Forte 3 cleanser, which has a higher concentration of glycolic acid.....i also use alpha hydrox gel once a day! really good regimen, glycolic rocks!!
  14. You know, every single time i shampoo and condition my hair...I get huge cysts on my forhead, and I'm not exagerating.