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  1. It's none of those. It's still listed at Amazon.com and you could try ordering it, but with an availability date so far in the future I really doubt you'll receive it. It's probably out of stock and since it's been discontinued, they won't receve any more. Clear Pore Treatment at Amazon.com ~Zhanna
  2. Hi Belle, Please let us know how it works out for you, if you can find it. (I haven't found it either, so far.) I'm a little afraid to use any kind of "lotion." My skin is quite oily (but not extremely so), and I've never needed a moisturizer even though I use both BP and SA. The lotion has good reviews, though, from what I can see, so it might be worth a try. ~Zhanna
  3. Why me? Just when I finally find something that works incredibly well on the evil painful bumps I've been getting lately, they have to go and discontinue it. I was wondering why I couldn't find the Clear Pore Treatment (2% SA gel) on the store shelves the past few weeks. Yesterday I checked online and no one carries it any longer. Suspicious (and scared!) I wrote to Neutrogena. Here's their reply: Thank you for contacting Neutrogena. Clear Pore Treatment has been discontinued. Unfortunat
  4. You can try it. I get these maybe once every couple weeks. They hurt and are ugly and hard to cover, and I always seem to get them on my forehead, but fortunately they're really the only kind of acne I'm getting anymore. Anyway, I use SA on these all the time. I can't use BP on them; it just makes the spots more prominent and red and they seem to last longer. I use Neutrogena's Clear Pore Treatment (2% SA gel) instead and coat the spot with it several times throughout the day. If I can ge
  5. Yes, I have noticed exactly the same thing for the past few years. I can't figure it out either! From everything I've read it should be the other way around. Right, that's why I don't understand what's going on for JaimeLynn and me. It seems that if anything we should be experiencing more breakouts just before and during our periods (as many people do), not fewer. There must be some other mechanism or interaction going on here. ~Zhanna
  6. Just so you know you're not alone ... your tip might sound "stupid" to some, but not to me. I've noticed the very same thing on occasion, mostly accidentally when reaching down for something on the floor or when bending down to stretch my back and neck. Didn't really think about using it to locate up-and-coming spots before they become visible, though. Interesting idea! ~Zhanna
  7. If you want to try it, I'd say go for it. This might be a really good time of year, too. If you're a student and will be out of school for the holidays (or will be away from work, whatever), you'd have some time to "practice" with the concealer, and by the time you see many of these people again they'll be likely to think that your red marks have just healed naturally. (Or more likely they'll have forgotten about them by then, anyway.) Just a thought. ~Zhanna
  8. Hi! I'm 28 and relatively new to the site. I've had acne since the age of 11, cystic through my teens and mild-moderate through my twenties. It seems to be settling down a bit now, but my skin still has plenty of bad moments and I don't feel I can "trust" it to get through the day without a spot or two popping up. My parents are nearing 60 and still have the occasional flare-up, so I don't expect this to fully end for me anytime soon. I wouldn't mind seeing a separate forum for adult acne
  9. I guess this is just more evidence of how acne (and acne treatments) really are different for different people. As I've said — and it was a complete surprise to me, too — the Clear Pore Treatment works amazingly well for me on a certain type of spots, even though that's not the purpose for which I originally bought it. The "On the Spot" BP cream works well to prevent acne in the future but does not, ironically, seem to do anything good for my spots once they have formed. Perhaps SA has so
  10. I've had really good luck using the Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment (2% SA gel) as a spot treatment. See my little "review" here: Neutrogena Clear Pore Gel It may be worth a try! Works great for me. ~Zhanna
  11. (Hi. I'm new. ) I bought this for the first time about two weeks ago. I have not yet been using it as an all-over treatment for the following reason: as a test, I started out using it just on my forehead and I broke out with lots of tiny little bumps after about a week. I then discontinued use of the product. A week later, though, my forehead looks much better than it did before I started! It's very smooth, even-toned and all the little bumps are gone. I wonder if the Clear Pore product