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  1. mino was good for me i ws looking almost clear in about 6 weeks and stayed that way almost a year, thats when i started to wonder if i even needed it anymore. doc suggest i take 1 pill a day instaead of 2, try this for 2 weeks and if my skin does not get worse can quit. well my skin got worse, and it never got better, just worse and worse... i was pretty much addicted to the mino, sometimes i would forget to take the tablet and my skin would make lots of new acnes. also had lots of red marks tha
  2. sorry to hear that! i also wondered myself if i was having some kind of liver damage or damage to my body in general from mino i was on 100mg a day for 3 or 4 years i weigh 50kgs. i was constantly tired, slept 10-12 hours when i could, had black rings around my eyes, i looked like a junky! felt dizzy and nausea everyday. i also had the purplish colour in my u know what... and blue and purple inside my mouth. i also could not put on any weight and i ate everything! people were asking me to my
  3. i got blue gums from mino too, cuz i took it about 3 years! i think it might fade after about 1 year but maybe it doesnt fade at all. its not too bad though u cannot see it unless u show someone, at least u havent got a blue patch on your face! my derm switched me from 100mg mino to 100mg doxy, but i wanted keflex, been using 1500mg a day and my face is clear after 3 weeks! luvin it!
  4. went back to derm, now im on 1000mg keflex a day. derm said 1500mg a day but that seems a bit excessive, its kind of faded my red marks and have no more cysts. but now the little acne i have looks different, like blisters? going to try keflex for 6 months then going to do accutane. i should have done all this years ago! wolfkeeper--- the breakout happened about 1 week after i quit mino, it was terrible! maybe a coincidence or maybe cuz i just started taking diane35 about the same time?
  5. to prevent your face looking white u need a photographic makeup. anything that shimmers and glows could be too reflective in photos. u should try makeup deisned for photographic uses, bobbi brown, laura mercier, diego della palmer, makeup forever, kryolan, sue devitt, MAC, anything form any of these lines will not show up weird in photos.
  6. it made my skin worse. took it for over 3 years at 100mg a day. broke me out horrible at first after about 6-8 weeks it cleared up and looked great! hang in there it does get better! was clear for 1 year and i was lovin it, my acne went cystic after 2 years, which it never was before. and it never really got any better. now at 3 years i have blue in my mouth so forced to quit and my skin is a mess. took it for way too long! now my skin is worse than ever before. now im on keflex. just my
  7. she is so in love with herself! not only does she need a good makeup artist but ALOT of photoshop airbrushing! i used to have a link to a site out there showing paris before and afters of retouching. she is not flawless LOL.she just appears to have flawless skin just like everyo famous person. she has wicked style, great body, she is smart! she knows how to get everyone talking makeing herself famous! but her face is weird, its her nose she has had 2 nose jobs left her noselooking like a break!
  8. what i think of MAC? i love their blot powder, blot film, sheertone blush, some lipglass, lipstick. i hate their foundations, powders (except blot), powder blush, concealers, mascara, that new liquid liner thing. their eyeshadows are OK, nice color range! my favourite eyeshadows are from --sue devitt, proof, makeup forever -they have good eyeshadows and loose shimmer powders,really nice!
  9. loose or pressed its really the same thing! your choice, if u want to carry it with u for touch ups, go for the pressed. nooo u dont have to rub it onto your face! do NOT use the stupid little powder puff thing. thats filthy! LOL use a big brush always get a portable brush with a lid to take with u! use the brush to tap it onto your face then buff excess off, u wont smudge your makeup.
  10. is it true that from the blood test they know how many mgs of accutane to prescribe? how do they decide this froma blood test? is it becuz of how healthy u are?
  11. !!!UPDATE!!! been using keflex (2x500mg) for 6 days now my red marks are faded! how does that work? could be bacteria inside the red marks? no new acne! I LOVE KEFLEX!!!
  12. lexy--yeh why should u change? use wat u like and enjoy! i been using their blot powder for years and i still love it, i use it cuz its cheap$30. the powder that absolutely kicks mac's a$$ tho is --deigo della palma rice powder but for $70 not for everyday!
  13. robynxo-- iam very pale aswell i always get he ligtest colour foundation for myself. D1 is really light its too light for me so i mix it with some D4 to make my skintone or mix D1 and D2 to lighten the greenish for red marks. a lot of foundations and concealers turn orangey during the day cuz of oxidisation. but kryolan doesnt change color. tyler---i use the dermacolor 'classic' never seen the dermacolor light in australia. i think its a new finer version for people who find the original to he
  14. ok ok....but its pretty good at covering BLACK and BLUE! these are the hardest colours to conceal. this was my first ever attempt by the way. u can imagine what it would do for minor stuff like red marks next time i do my own face full of red marks i will make a before after of it and post it.
  15. studofix and select15 seem to be the main offenders here... yes the only redeming quality of mac is they refund if it causes u problems, but what does that say about their products? that they are known to cause problems, so to avoid drama they just give u your money back! for me that is not enough cuz i have scars now thanks to their shonky products. non-acnegenic my A$$!!!!!!!!