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    Products i Use: <br /><br />Face wash:<br /><br />1) Makeup remover: Shu Uemura Oil Cleanser (MUST NOT use alone, MUST MUST MUST use cleanser afterwards) <br /><br />2) JAN MARINI BIOGlycolic wash (i LOVE this wash, very gentle but does the job) <br />or<br />3) Proactiv Face wash <br /><br />Toner:<br />1) Sekkisei Toner <br />or<br />2)Proactiv Toner (doesnt do much) <br /><br />Lotion: <br />1) Perscriptives Line Preventor <br />or<br />2) Proactiv cream (it helps) <br /><br /><br />Spot treatment: <br />1) Clean and Clear Persa Gel (10%BP) <br />none of the spot treatments i tried work better than this, and i've tried tons <br /><br />Scrubs and Masks: <br />I have a bunch, all of them are trash.. nothing i'd reccomend<br />1) Neutrogena Acne Mark Fading Peel (duno if it works)<br />2) Zinc and Sulfur mask (dries up skin) <br />3) Dr. Hauschuka hydrating mask (awesome but may cause breakouts)<br />4) Proactive Refining mask (crap) <br />5) Biotherm PureBright mask (crap)
  1. I know its not a good idea to drink during accutane, what about after? Can you start drinking immediately?? I just stopped tane like 2 days ago, and I've been drinking quite alot. I probably will be drinking alot more too, since christmas is comin~ Just wondering if thats gonna be alright, or should I wait a week or sth.. Helpp plz
  2. My derm gave me this Avene Retrinal thing... it helps when my skin is really dry, which is now since winter is here... does anyone know if it causes break-outS??? it seems quite greasy~
  3. thx! i hope i'll be able to try it on before i buy it
  4. Hey, i was shopping around for a concealer today and some counter girl recommended me to go try Dermablend concealers. She says it works realli well on acne scars and stuff. Have anybody tried it before?
  5. Im guessing the oils are good kinds of oil... Didn't spread any acne for me
  6. The ingredients are: Sd alcohol 40B (from yellow corn) Calendula flower oil Borage seeed oil yarrow oil parsley seed extract willow bark extract lemon oil fennel oil water tea tree leaf oil juniperus communis fruit oil eucalyptas globuius leaf oil This is not sticky at all, absorbs quite fast. However it feels very acidic/alcoholic if you know wat i mean. When i put it on my face i can SMELL it and my eyes can sorta FEEL it. But it goes away in a few sec. Pretty good product in my opinio
  7. ANYONE tried this before?? Burt's Bee Herbal Blemish stick works realli well!! I used it for a few days only and it helped reduce my red marks alot! It so easy to use... just roll it on ur face whenever, however much u want.. Awesomeeee
  8. Have anyone used or is using Sekkisei products? I use the toner alternatively along with my BP products (Proactiv), which helps give my skin a nice break, keeping it hydrated and stuff... I love the toner so much I really want to get their Powder wash and Emulsion. I've also heard it works wonders on asian skin (not specifically for acne). Does anyone know if their products cause breakouts??? or clog your pores?? ***BTW if anyone decides to get this do NOT get the cream because it is
  9. does Becca concealer cause breakouts?