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  1. I think i read awhile back that someone on here had some success with clearing up their red marks with vitamin E oil so i picked up some at the store today and thought i would give it try. It also contains coconut oil which i know is good for your body but maybe not for your face? anyone know anything about this?
  2. if you were to use aloe vera, how long are you supposed to leave it on for? if you were to use aloe vera, how long are you supposed to leave it on for?
  3. I'm on it I have been on it since january 14th and have great results. I had pretty mild acne up until about 6 months ago and all of sudden it got really bad, like cystic and i broke out in places i had never broken out before anywho, i went on 100mg of dorxy twice a day ( i am 5'7 120lbs) and it is really working (knock on wood!) all my cystic acne went away and i am almost completly clear except for some active acne around my temples and cheeks and then of course the horrible red marks but t
  4. Does this cream help with redmarks? I'm confused
  5. I have one inside my ear lobe too! it hurts really bad
  6. I have heard a lot about this, when i was eating a lot of things with olive oil in it, they really helped a lot.
  7. I can't believe you guys think aloe juice tastes gross, i think its delicious, idrink it every morning and its really refreshing, i am also noticing some changes in my skin from it.
  8. How long were you on the antibiotics for before you saw results?
  9. So i went to the derm today and he started me on 100mg 2x a day of Doryx, also i will be using tazorac and benzaclin topically. My sister who is 27 has been using the same thing for about a year and has perfectly clear skin, all her scars and redness are gone, basically all she deals with now are blackheads, so i thought it might be worthwhile to give it a try since i am banking on the fact that we have the same genetic disposition to acne. I asked him about accutance and he said that after a
  10. thats cool, i could probably write a book about my experiences as well. I'd be interested to read yours
  11. My friend had to read it in rehab too, i have been wanting to read it as i heard a lot about it and can really relate to it, i gotta get to the bookstore tomorrow.....
  12. Side effects exerted from the article. While the language problems indicates a neurological side effect--certaintly not dismissable--others aren't outrageous. Although I find it odd anorexia is included. This isn't exactly an effect I'd blame entirely on the medicine. These test need to be conducted on more people specifically suffereing from Acne scars. Even if minimal results are shown, I wouldn't mind trying topiramate. Three months for a pill taken once a day is little inconvenience.
  13. can you explain what mederma is and how to get it? oh nevermind, i googled it : MEDERMA® is a transparent, topical gel that allows patients to treat even the most conspicuous scars with confidence. The greaseless, pleasant-smelling gel is massaged directly into the scar, so there are no uncomfortable cosmetic pads or dressings. With consistent use, MEDERMA® will help reduce the appearance of scars resulting from surgeries, injuries, burns, acne and stretch marks Its available at msot dru