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  1. I have used both of these and find out that both of them are good for acne prone skin but which one is better? Anyone who has either used these products or have some information please add it here. Thanks
  2. I stopped using cleansers for washing my face for about 2 weeks now, I just use water to wash my face and then I moisturise. The red marks on my face is nearly gone and my skin feels much better and more relaxed, I don't get that much acne anymore. But there is one problem, my skin texture is horrible, its like an orange skin. My skin doesn't look smooth when u look at it from the side, especially near sunlight, it just looks very uneven. How do I get rid of this and smooth out my skin? I kno
  3. Hello again, I've just restarted the water only method. I stopped it for a few months but restarted it with a difference. Now what I do is wash my face with warm water, then cold water then I pat it dry with a towel and apply a moisturiser. I apply a cream based moisturiser in the morning and at night I apply Coconut oil. I think before I was missing the moisturiser, that is why my skin was flaky and did not get rid of the acne, but now because I am moisturising my skin it is getting rid of t
  4. i found two gels online, one is called Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil gel and the other one is called Jason Tea Tree Oil gel. the difference between the two is one of them has just got tea tree oil in it as the main ingriedient and the other one has a mixture of tea tree oil, witch hazel, aloe vera and other herbal extracts. i wanted to know which one would be the best to treat acne and acne scarring?
  5. Thanks c'est la vigne for moving my post. PinkPlayBunny thanks for the advice, just a quick question. When you started using Retin-A did your acne get worse in the beginning and if it did how long did it last? Thanks
  6. Hi all, I just started using retin-a 2 days ago. I use retin-a in the evening. I first clean my face with my facewash then allow it to air dry for about 20 mins then apply the retin-a for 1 hour. After 1 hour I wash the retin-a off with water and facewash then apply moisturiser. I just want to know if this is the right way to use this medication or should I be applying it at night and leaving it on overnight? Thanks
  7. Okay here goes. I have had acne since I was 13 years old. From that age I have been using acne products till now. I'm 24 years old now. I have been prescribed with benzoyl peroxide creams and gels when I was younger and was prescribed retin-a when I was around 18. So basically I have been putting chemicals on my face for about 10 years now, I don't count everyday because I sometimes stopped using the medicines for a couple of months and then started it again. I have also been on and off anti
  8. Hi all, I am having some problems wether I should use moisturizer or not. The problem lies in using moisturizer in the first place. When I use a moisturizer my pores become larger and you can notice them especially on the cheeks near the nose and the forehead. When I don't use a moisturizer my skin looks nice and there are no noticeable pores, it looks clean and fresh. I wanted to know if a moisturizer is actually needed if my skin is already oily. After washing my skin it gets oily after ab
  9. is it good to use both antibiotics (oxytetracycline) and benzoyl peroxide at the same time?
  10. I'm using BP Gel 2.5% everyday at night with moisturizer, i wanted to know if its good to take one day off without putting BP on.
  11. I really hate shaving because it causes my skin to dry and go really red, plus i get more acne. Instead i just trim it. But my problem is when my beard grows long i get more acne around my face usually the chin and cheeks. What can i do? shave or not shave trim or not trim.
  12. ive been on bp 2.5% gel for 9 weeks now and i am impressed that all my small pimples are gone and the redness have gone but im still not clear, i just wanted to know if i should go onto bp 5% gel? or should i just use 2.5% and wait until i am clear. the 2.5% doesnt feel like its working anymore. it does keep me clear of the small pimples but i have about 3-4 big ones about 5mm - 6mm in size. what should i do please help.
  13. hi, i have been using bp gel 2.5% for 2 months now i use it at night only and i still have those red marks left on my skin, also i do get those big red angry ones from time to time perhaps when i am stessed or don't get enough sleep. I want to know if anyone knows how much more longer i have to wait to see my face looking clear.
  14. i wanted to know if i should apply moisturizer when i go jogging in the morning or just wash my face with just water and when i come back from jogging have a shower and apply the moisturizers.
  15. after applying benzoyl peroxide for 3 days my skin is really dry, i use benzoyl peroxide at bedtime only and use a night moisturizer over it but when i wake up i can see that my skin is really dry and my eyes are really wrinkly. how can i stop this from happening? any help please