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  1. i used the concealer and oil free anti shine powder for a while and the concealer was making me break out but the anti shine powder works great by itself. I look like im not wearing anything and it evens out your skin tone too. I highly reccomend the powder but I would say be very careful if u try the concealer because it didnt work for me. i hope this helps
  2. i went to get dermablend and the lady sold me the "quick fix concealer" but i was thinking this was not what everyone else was talking about on here so what exact dermablend products do u use?
  3. ok the stuff came yesterday and i didnt use the powder yet, but the concealer does work pretty well. it's not gonna cover every spot but it definately is an improvement and its nice to know it isnt gonna cause more breakouts- i think im gonna buy this for now on- i dont mind the price to make me feel more confident about myself.
  4. no problem i ordered the stuff n will let u all know how it works
  5. harp here is the reply to your question: Normally when you agressively start to treat acne, it will draw out everything from underneath the surface. You may experience more break outs for the first couple of weeks during your treatment, but then should start to see the affected areas clearing up. You have to remember, nothing makes acne go away completely, but you can treat it on a regular basis to help keep it under control. Also we are at our warmest time of year and that also mak
  6. http://www.menskincare.com/
  7. "the BP is active for a period of approximately 2 hours" yea i found this to be suprising and now i dunno what to believe either fatman! :-k
  8. yea i have the same concerns as harp... for now i am sticking with it tho- figure ill risk goin down with the acne ship rather than just treading water.
  9. just sent them yur question - tho it took bout a week for them to respond to the last 1 but i'll post it as soon as i hear. ttyl
  10. found this from a link from another post: Jojoba Oil is very similar to the natural oil our skin produces, though it is technically a liquid wax produced from the seed of the Jojoba simmondsia chinensis shrub. Usually, it is pressed but can be solvent extracted. For better stability, it is best to use natural Jojoba Oil that has not been decolorized. Botantist H. F. Link recorded the jojoba plant in 1822 in Baja California and named it after a fellow British botanist/explorer, T. W. Simmonds.
  11. i wanted to make sure i was doing the cure correctly so i emailed them. Here is my email 1st then the reply: Hi, I bought the book but I am concerned if I am doing the regimen correctly. I could use some clarification. Please don't just recite word for word from the book because like I said I already have it... 1. When you apply the BP do you rub it in til its fully absorbed or do you just rub for a little and then let it sit on face? 2. It says in the book for the salicylic aci
  12. this is the reply i got: The Camo has Jojoba oil in it. Yes they are non comedegenic. These products are the most light natural and undetectable that you will find that do still provide coverage and nourishment to your skin. Hope this helps