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  1. Not that you'll need this information, Honey, but I'd have to submerge in an ice bath to make a difference. FYI, a truly strong hot flash results in skin temp increasing 10 degrees, and profuse perspiring. For me, that means rivulets of sweat pouring down my face for 5 minutes or so. The acne is located right where the rivers flow, so managing the area is important. I'll try the pat dry only, pat dry plus periodic splash of water, etc, and report back to the site with results. [Your dedicat
  2. Never had acne before, but since turning 53 have experienced many of the lovely symptoms of menopause, including acne. Especially masses of whitehead along sides of nose and bumpy forehead, whiteheads here and there, now and then on chin and around mouth. I could tell that my regular system which has served me well for years (Olay gentle wash and Olay sensitive skin moisture daily, with Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser and Toner with AHA -- recommended by dermatology nurse sister-in-law...) wa