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  1. at the begining of the year b4 i foud this website i started using 5% bp.i was annoyed that i hadn't used it sooner because it cleared me up in about 2 weeks and for about 2-3 months my skin was near enough perfect, but all of a suden my acne started comming back slowly and before i realised it i was back in the same situation as bfore using the bp....i kept on using it the same as i always did, but it just didnt work, i did try 10% but i was too much every day altho i still use it now and again
  2. well done barbie..im on week 13 of dianette and i have noticed a real improvement in my skin..the thing is that it clears up for a while, and when it does its really good but then usually once or twice a month a breakout just hits me from now where, im tryin to keep a note of when this happens to see if it is sumthing in particular i am doin tht causes it....any way congrats and keep up the good work
  3. hey guys a cheap well known brand with no sls is head and shoulders, i use it, and i dont know if it is just the placebo method, but i notice a difference in the acne that i get along my head line is reduced..hope tht helps
  4. i use head and shoulders because it doesnt have sodium sulfate in it,i used to think that may make me break out on the top of my fore head, only been using h&s for a week but so far im pleased, hope tht helpd
  5. i was on minocin about 6 or 7 month back,, it helped me for a few months but gradually my acne came back. Now i am taking dianette to try and help my skin and was wondering if taking minocin along with that would increse my chances of clearing up as i havent had minocin in my system for a few months now? i know that you can become resistant to the drug from prelonged use but do u think that as i only used it for a short period of time that maybe my body would accept it again?
  6. i used ketsugo, but it was the gel i used, it was really soothing when i put it on..and it was about over a year ago when i used it soi can't totally remember if it helped my acne....certainly didnt make it ne worse, and altho it did make oil production reduce a little bit, i found that when i got oily it just kinda mixed with the gel n looked worse....i used 2 bottles of it so was on it for over 6 weeks. i think it just depends on how oily ur skin is to start with..since last year tho my skin h
  7. hey..not posted for a while, and i didnt really kno where this subject should go so i thot id just shove it in here, lol, acne has gotten a lil better recently, less inflamed, but i still get brake outs tht can b hard to shift...ne way what i wanted to ask ur opinion about was that most of the spots i get are mainly along just below my hair line, not on it but rite at the top of my forehead....i kept my hair back from m y face for a while bit itdidnt really help..these spots get more inflamed th
  8. for those in the uk, i used to use no 7 matte under make up base, it was pretty good and didnt cause me to breakout, altho my skin was realy oily at that time so it didnt last for too long but still worth a shot,it also helps to tighten ur pores and minimise spots plus it has a sun screen in it, ne way just thought id share it with u's gillxx
  9. I know that this question has been asked loads of times, but ive had a look throught the boards n couldnt really find an answer to my specific question...so here goes...i have mild/moderate acne and i only really wear concealor, my mum says that if i wear a slightly heavier foundation then it will give me better coverage for when i go out. I just wanted to know what foundation you think would b suitable to my skin type, it usually gets oily after a few hours of washing. so what im really asking
  10. thanks alot for replying guys, yeah my party is long over, lol, but it will b good reference for the future, what exactly is this visine stuff, i have heard a few things about it....i used the brand 17 green concealor, ne of u guys use ne others as i think this one may make me break out a little
  11. well i cant really comment much about dianette seeing as i have just started using it, ive only been on it for bout a week and a half and so far no improvement im my skin...i dont think it makes u gain weight, yasmin helps to stop water retention which makes u look bloated so i think thats y most people assosiate it with no weight gain..ne how, if i start gainin weight i'll let u guys know, lol
  12. i used to put my bp i the fridge but i have recently bought quinoderm bp and it says on the packaging that it should b stored between 5 and 30 degrees, thsi is probably because at really cold or warm temps the constituents in the cream de nature and stop working
  13. weird i just got this stuff rom the doc the other day thought it looked kinda new...ne how glad to hear its workin well for u guys, not tried it yet im still on pan oxyl, so its highly recommneded then?
  14. i know what u mean, recently i have been cryin about once or twice a week, its so frustrating, ive thought about suicide too, sounds silly when u type it on this, but when ur sittin in ur room crying ur eyes out u just feel like u have no where else to turn, most days i just take a strong paracetamol and go to bed, now my mum thinks im addicted to them, but they are the only things that make me go to sleep, and sleep is the only place u dont think about acne, sorry to sound so dramatic, but im e
  15. thanks for replying, i apprechiate it, but by the time my appointment came noone had replie dyet so i ended up gettin dianette, so far havent noticed a difference tho was prettu depressed today, sucks, lol,