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  1. Am i the only one who are fighting with dry skin... ? I now it's because i wash my skin to mutch.. ? But i hate to på a fatcream on.. because i know that it may start my acne agin.. I hate it..
  2. I had the same problem :S .. But know i've been together with him for about 1 and ½ year .. and he love me eventhough i have acne.. I hate to go to sleep with make up on my skin.. i rememer the time we fist started sleeping together and i just keeped y makeup on.. And in the morning my make up looked oily and willy bad!.. And when i looked my self in the mirror without makeup.. OH MY GOSH! my skin was even worse then the nigth before.. at that time my acne was willy bad.. so i star
  3. hmm.. Sometimes i willy get depressed over my skin!.. There was a time when my acne was willy bad, and a boy fromm teashed me. I'll never forget that.. it was so imbearesing .. Then I went to the doctor.. he gave me some pills, and cream.. I have a boyfriend,- and when my skin is bad, i try to hide. Sometimes i stay at I home from the school. I hate it... My father and my boyfriend don't understand me at all.. They say i have a clear skin.. and nobody will notice the 4 small spots on my