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  1. My derm didnt really say what to do for upkeep and I wasnt thinking about it then... hmm My face still has lots of redness... I am jsut using a basic face wash
  2. 1. 5 months treatment July-Dec 2. I notice that I am not as dry as I was on Accutune but not quite greasy... I still put lotion on every morning. 3. It wasnt long maybe 2 weeks after I stopped... my hands took awhile to heal...
  3. GOOOD LUCK on your treatment... it will def be a roller coaster but most of the side effects that I had in the beginning seemed to fade away around the 3rd month.... and now that I am just about done... I hope to see even more results like my derm said I would... I wanna see an overall picture... you look cute
  4. yea when does this slow healing wear off?
  5. Hey guys... well it has been awhile since I have written in here... so here is an update. I HAVE FINISHED MY TREATMENT!!! Woooohooo It took a lil longer because I got sick and went off the pills for week or two recently... i am really pleased with m y results. I have a lot of redness that hopefully will go away. I actually got 2 very lil pimples this past week, I was upset about that. It felt weird to have to pop a pimple since I havent done it in a long time. I hope as I come off this treatm
  6. I am roughly on 175mg/kg is that too much?
  7. hey yalll quick update I just took a picture so you could see my improvement! my supervisor who has been gone for like 7 weeks saw me for the first time today and was AMAZED I am def living my life now... going out much more and having a good time. I even got to be an extra in a movie... lots of fun stuff! take care all of you and hope accutane goes well for you
  8. wow you are only 6 weeks into your treatment... I was still breaking out into month 3... it is only now really clearing up in month 4 give it time hang in there
  9. lets see some b4 and after pics vanessa!
  10. WOW man that is awesome! GLAD your skin is CLEAR... I kno that feels great!
  11. Alrite well I took pictures today to show that I still have acne... that last picture made me look tottally clear (one day) Ok I took this when I first woke up... Doesnt look too bad... acne that is lol Ok then I took the next 3 a couple hours after I took shower and all the redmarks became bright again lol sooo not totally clear but getting there... I am very happy with my results so far and my Derm thinks that it will improve even more! -mike