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  1. YAY for Septra...another fan This stuff works, along with eliminating chemicals from your face. How long have you been on Septra for? I just got back from my Derm today, and I've been there 3 times now, tried everything under the sun since I was 15 (now 23) and He said asside from Accutane, this is the next step. So I am gonna get it filled tomorrow. However, I'm not going to be on it for long, just 6 weeks, that's why I was wondering how long you were on it for, or how long you are go
  2. I think I should just give up and let the Acne win...I may have won a few battles, but I should just let Acne win the war. I am getting sick and tired of this, this nonsense has been going on for almost a decade. I got it whn I was 15 and am now 23, what the hell is wrong with my skin? Why can't it act it's age! I have done it all over the years and it has become such an obsession now, I cancel plans on friends, I call in sick at work, I can't even stay away from looking at the mirror, my obses
  3. Yeah, My diet consists of large quantites of protein. As for banannas though, never liked them, havn't had a bananna since I was a little kid, so, no worries in that department. However, I do like bananna bread strangly, however, I think it breaks me out, hence why I havn't had some in ages...but it's soooo good.
  4. As far as I am concerned, you are playing with a double edged knife on this one... Shaving = Pimples Not Shaving = Pimples There is no winning on this one, it's starting to piss me off, I wanted to do the beard thing so many times but everytime it gets to a few days I start seeing breakouts and red dots in places I normaly don't get acne, so I start to panic and shave it off. Then when I shave, it makes it all irritated and worse.
  5. I was wondering if I was going to come across a topic like this...and...well...to my surprise here it is. Hmm, this is interesting considering I am going through one of the worst breakouts right now (at 23) then I have in my history of when I started getting acne at 15...and, I have rcently obtained an addiction to Peanut Butter. I ate about a whole jar of PB this week, and to make matters worse...a jar the week before!! I'll have it on everything...Bread, Crackers...in some case even strait out
  6. I always related stress with acne. I mean, I find I break out when I start getting into arguments with freinds/family and such. Whenever I get all worked up and get mad at someone I break out like crazy in a few days, I try and remain calm, but it's hard when people are always on your tail for something. Strangly enough, I find I breakout alot when I go to work, I'll be having a good skin day before I go and then while at work or on ym way home my skin will look absolutly terrible, I find that
  7. WOW, this is exactly what I have benn suffering from since I was 16 (now 23) My nose has always been red to the point that it looks permentally sunburned, and When you look close you can see all the pores clogged with black junk, and the blackheads are just on my nose. The rest of my acne is around my chin/mouth area. But yeah...the red nose is the thing that bothers me the most, My DR and Derm don't even know, my DR says it reseaca and keeps giving me cream to put on it (that does NOTHING) my d
  8. I always wondered if there would be a threat like this where everyone could just add to the list based on their own experience...but then I realzied that there is no real "LIST" to go by, because what breaks one person out may not break another person out, you pretty much need to experiment for yourself and make your own trial and error list...but from my experience here are some of the Yays ands Nays of eating that I have found out over the years... The Goods: Carrots, Walnuts, Almonds, Apples
  9. Rice breaks me out pretty bad because it's high in carbohydrates. But nothing takes the acne cake like Spaghetti, when eating that you're just asking for a zit battlefield on your face.
  10. Well, the thing is I find when I am not eating my acne goes away... sometimes when I go awya on trips I am not eating properly, to the extent that I am barely eating at all, same goes when I am sick, I had the Flu last year for a few weeks in which I didn't eat anything for the longest period of time, and to my surprise my skin was damn near perfect, I didn't understand... I have cut down so much food over the course of the years though that I don't even know what's causing it, it's really star
  11. It's a lose lose situation for me... I find when I shave I break out bad, but if I let it grow in I break out bad underneath the hair. So, i'm not sure what to do, I mean I am suffering a VERY bad breakout now, worse it's been in a long time and I am leaving for a trip in 3 days and I want to clear this mess up as soon as possible, I mainly break out around my chin/mouth area, so my plan for the next couple days is to shave the sides of my face/cheek area (I never get a pimple there) while I let
  12. For those of you who use Taz, do you apply it all over your face, or just in the problem areas?
  13. I regret the day I put this crap on my face...Urgh! do me a favor and throw your soap in the garbage. I have been able to control my acne for the most part, but I will still break out at least every week, nothing bad, 3 or 4 big pimples maybe, but I was still not satisfied, I wanted the pimpes to stop completly, so I am always on the search for a new product... I found out about faceDr while on a pretty bad breakout, so I ran out that night and bought a bar of soap (damn stuff set me back $20!!)
  14. MILK?? where is the rational explanation behind that!?
  15. Hmm, sorry bro, But your philosophy doesn't work with everyone. I was so sick of have acne 2 years ago that I decided to stop eating Junk food, candy and all that crap. I started eating more fruits, more veggies, lots of water, I started taking lots of vitamins (including Zinc) I was taking fruit/veggie supplement drinks that you mix up with water, I stopped using medications, I did the whole 9 yards...and guess what?? after 2 years of following a STRICT diet, i am still breaking out with acne j