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  1. Hey everyone- since this summer I took up minocycline + differin gel and it pretty much wiped out most of the pimples on my face . Before I took this up, I used to use a blackhead remover to remove the blackheads off my nose. I soon realized that this opens the pore up a ton. I have a couple on my nose that arnt bad, but am seeking any advice or products to close them back up (if possible) or make them less noticeable. I looked at a couple products such as Dermadoctor's (?) pore reducer, an
  2. Hey everyone, Not too much to say...my acne is not bad, but whenever I get it, hyperpigmentation kicks in and its such a bitch to handle because it stays in the skin for at least a month until it starts fading. I was wondering if anyone has any information about what I can do to fade them quickly and effiently. I've used benzoyl peroxide which I heard is supposed to fade them, and also Proactiv's Skin Lightening Lotion (contains hydroquinone?) But if there are any more effective medicati