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  1. o and if u could delete the below comment after u read it, i forgot to make it self destruct. it will be nice to have u back

  2. heyyy wuts UP? did ur msn break or did we have a bust up i cant remember

  3. lol i just saw u said EVEN BETTER underneath. theres something wrong with my mind today. i keep missing things. im going to sit in a dark well for a while until i gain clarity thought

  4. wow you have an amazing display pic! i like ;)

    welcome to org!

  5. thanks weegee :-*:-*

    o wait

    u didnt do me

  6. fuman! lol i dont remember even asking that questiong haha must have been ages ago :D nice to hear from u! hows stuff goin fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


  7. woo ty! with that link available you can still keep the google search too
  8. old search button with advanced options please joel this google one really isnt as good! i love everything else you've changed though! well done
  9. The new search is awful, and I HATE the new design.. why? i love it! but we do definitely need to go back to the old search. it's just no contest that the old one was better. the advanced function was really important
  10. i love it all but please please please could we have the old search back the google one really isnt anywhere near as good. it's also really slow to update itself
  11. hay :D

    u seem grumpy grumps today. hope your stomach gets better soon lol pretty pointless comment

  12. LMAO ur personal photo. ul get ban hammered

  13. o hi

    don't stop movin can you hear the music? DJ got us going around ROUND