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  1. DAY:71 (week 11) Wow... 11 weeks! OK, here's the scoop. For the last few months I've been sticking closely to my 'once per day' version of the regimen, which suits me perfectly. Everything has stayed more or less the same as it has since the last time I posted. All save for a couple of fairly bad weeks last month due to me unnecessarily attacking my skin like I used to before. I'm finding the regimen has absolutely changed my life. Even if every now and then I have a 'relapse' due to my
  2. Hey guys! Just a quick post to let you know how fantastically the Regimen is working for me, despite the fact I only apply BP at night! And I'm using the dreaded PanOxyl! In the morning I still cleanse and moisturise as usual (and sometimes the odd dab of BP hear and there), and at night I'm laying the BP on thick (about 2/3 of a finger)! Head over to my Log to see my pics! --------TBOharry's Log-------- Love you all xXx
  3. DAY: 30 (week 4) Just recently, in the past few days, I've been having a few minor problems with clogged pores. Although they are no longer getting infected (thanks to the BP), I find that sometimes they appear in little clusters and become exceptionally larger. This can cause my skin to get irritated easily and go red, almost like a rash. I find that the in areas where this occurs, my skin is flaking more. Perhaps it's getting overly dry and in turn causing more irritation. I will try and be
  4. DAY: 27 (week 3) Hey again. I was feeling so pleased with my skin today that I decided to take a few pics to show off I'm such a poser! Hehe. The regimen is doing good. I'm starting to feel some kind of confidence building up inside me! WWHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. DAY: 23 (week 4) Wooooaaaahhhhh! MEGA UPDATE! Hehe, Sorry. It's been a while! OK. Lots of interesting developments (of a mainly positive nature). I think it will be easier if I use my original observation points for reference, so here we go... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- The number of infected pimples (anything red, inflamed or filled with liquid). I noticed almost immediately after beginning the regimen that the number infected p
  6. Thanks for all the replies! I am almost 100% convinced that these white marks are BP related. In the past years I have popped, squeezed, gauged and minced the pimples on my face until I'm a bleeding scabby wreck, and have always healed completely back to normal within the space of a fortnight. Never has my skin reacted like this, only in the last 12 or so days I've used the BP. I have had a couple more white patches reveal themselves this week as some other pimples healed... pimples that haven
  7. I do realise these aren't that bad. My concern is that they could be permanent. They could slowly build up one after the other leaving my skin patchy all over. Definitely something I do not want.
  8. I have just made this post about some problems I'm having with the regimen. CLICK HERE Thanks xx
  9. I'm on day 10 of the regimen and I have started to notice something very unusual which is worrying me a great deal. A couple of places where I have squeezed a pimple and it has subsequently scabbed, healed and flaked away I'm left with abnormally pinky-white skin underneath. It almost looks like a little scar. A couple of them have been here almost a week and as the redness of skin around it fades they seem ever more obvious. At first I thought it was because I was in the sun that weekend and
  10. No offence but I failed to understand the point of this post. Are you saying that the PanOxyl only worked 'in your head'? I feel like your post was a little intentionally on the pessimistic side. But thanks for the interest anyway, any feedback helps.
  11. DAY: 6 Still not a hint of dryness. I used even more BP tonight, a thick line just over 1/3 of a finger. It took a while to absorb and went very sticky, but eventually got there. Just another concern. I've noticed that the skin where I'm applying the BP seems (ever so) slightly lighter than areas around my nose and chin where I haven't applied it. It might be that I'm just being overly paranoid but I will keep an eye on it. For all I know its all in my head. I have heard a couple of people say
  12. DAY: 5 I'm still not experiencing any dryness or irritation. I've been slowly ramping up the amount I'm using. I'm currently on about 1/3 of a finger at night only. It's still too early to be making any judgments on its effectiveness. What do you guys think about using it twice daily, even though it's been prescribed to me once daily? Doesn't sound like a great idea. What do you think? xx
  13. DAY: 1 So far, no dryness or irritation. Tonight I used a slightly larger pea sized amount. Because I recently 'irrigated' my skin, it will probably be about a week before I can tell if the regimen is doing anything. I probably wont post everyday, but I'll will write if I feel the need. xx
  14. DAY 0: Just applied my first ever application of Benzoyl Peroxide... I used about a pea sized amount of the Panoxyl, just enough to cover my cheeks. It felt quite tacky but absorbed fairly well. I waited a bit and whacked on a load of moisturiser, I'm a little scared of this initial dryness I've heard so much about! Come on Dan... do your worst Maybe an update tomorrow. xx
  15. Ok. I've been looking around the forum for days trying to find out more info on this. But to no avail. During my time with acne I have come to realise there are two very distinct types of red marks that affect my skin, long-term and short-term. Long-term: These dark 'red/purple' marks appear after I leave a large infected pimple (with a white/yellow head) to die on its own. After a week or two the pimple shrivels down and turns dark. These marks last around 6-12 months and are very annoying,