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  1. You think that's bad? There are some deep scars along my jawline, the pigmentation of which refuses to change or takes forever (FOREVER - some of these have been here for over a year ... i haven't had bad acne in this area for a long, long time, so I'm sure they're not new scars) to do so. Also, I have a light brown scar on my chin from a really bad zit I had when I was 16. I'm 20 now. Hmm. Do some of these never change color? Can a scar be that bad?
  2. So all you need to do is take Xian? You can forget about the BP? What about cleansing / moisturizing?
  3. Has anyone tried pHaze 1 Facial Wash for Oily Skin? How is it?
  4. Wow, sounds great. Which Cetaphil are you using, out of curiosity? The bar or the liquid? I'm thinking of switching over from the Purpose bar.
  5. ... why does my skin crack and peel only after I use the Purpose bar--before I even put on any BP? Is it cracking the skin that the previous dosage of BP killed off? Or is it possible the Purpose is doing this itself. It really does seem to dry the skin a bit too much. Even at the beginning of the regimen, when my skin wasn't cracked yet, the bar seemed to dry it up a good deal. Is this normal? Or is my skin too sensitive and should I be using something else to cleanse?
  6. Topple the regime!!! As for the regimen, I say stay on.
  7. Oops, never mind. I just read the answer to this exact question in the FAQ.
  8. p.s. Yeah, I've been using the Neutrogena starter moisturizer day and night, too. Which actually kinda stings.
  9. All right, it's my fifth day on the regimen. For the past few days my skin has been stinging a little, and it's been bothering me a bit, but I just paid no attention to it, thinking it was temporary and would pass. I started using less BP, too. I began with 1.33 fingers of BP because I'm well-acquainted with the stuff, I've used it before, but not for many months before this, but went down to about .66 of my finger after the stinging. I'd been taking it easy for about two days. Well, yester
  10. I'm a guy, and I've been using the Gillette Mach 3 to shave for the past few years. I've had great experience with it. I often did wish, though, that Gillette would introduce a Mach 3 model with a flexing head, like the one found on the SensorExcel and on Schick's TracerFX. I had used the TracerFX for a long time before I switched to the Mach 3. The TracerFX was my first razor, but I received the Mach 3 as a gift and decided I liked it better after trying it out. I hung on to the TracerFX a
  11. Re: the FAQ: Ah, I see. But my face tends to be pretty greasy. Would 10% BP be successful in stopping the grease enough to actually over-dry my skin, do you think?
  12. Yeah, definitely don't mess with those. You can pop it, but then you might wake up the next morning with a big protruding scab composed of blood and pus. You'd have to wear a beanie for a week. And, yeah, it will scar and the red/brown mark will stay behind longer than it would if you just left it alone. Just put acne cream on it and don't think about it.
  13. Instead of spending so much money on so much 2.5% BP cream, why not just buy fewer tubes of a higher-percentage cream--10%, say. You'd be getting the same amount of acne-fighting power with much less cream. Or is there something wrong with this theory?