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  1. Well, I had mild acne, but it was irritating at my age (30) so I decided to try the regimen. I must say the 3 moths after I started the regimen were really bad. Earlier I had only a few random pimples - but with the regimen I had some really bad breakouts - much worse than anything I had seen without being on the reg. Think I counted abt 40 whiteheads on my chin at a time. On the 3 month mark I was about to give up - but voila! after that day I have not had a single pimple (maybe one;)). And its
  2. I too think the WhatToExpect is a bit optimistic - or too positivily written. I have been on the Reg for 9 weeks, and all the time before week 8 was hell - and I was much worse than I would have been without being on the Reg. I have mild acne around my chin and cheek, and according to that page I could/would ecpect: Ex "Mild improvement" in week 1 - "Further clearing" in week 2 - "Skin is definitely improved" in week 3 - "Skin is looking very good" week 4 etc Im now completely free of acne, at
  3. For me On The Spot(OTS) has worked very well - its especially amazing at drying out new spots imho. I do use less amount of OTS than shown on the videos, as I belive OTS makes your skin really dry and is a bit more "dense"/heavy than Dan's gel - but it still works well for me. I don't expereince the flaking either, and can use moisterizer over OTS after about 5min. Good luck!
  4. Just for all the others out there - don't give up!! I've had mild acne, mostly around chin, for many years. I was 8 weeks onto the regimen and about to give up. On a friday I went to a doctor/derma(?) to consider other options. She adviced me to continue as I had done (ie the Regimen), and she actually adviced me NOT to try what I hoped to be an "easy" solution: iClear blue-light or laser as they had not had too good results with them. Three days later my problem areas "dried up", no more break
  5. A30, Im wishing you all good luck mate! I'll try Tretion at then. I feel i have nothing to loose... Im not 100% happy about the Regimen, as I have been worse every single day following it for 7 weeks now...and close to giving it up...but as she/doctor said and Regimen says " follow at least for 3 months" She actually did not recommend the solution I was hoping for: an easy solution with iClear light etc... hmmmmmm...... good night....
  6. OK, thanks Brandy! I'll try that "mix" then... Have a nice weekend all of you.......
  7. Just came from the derma...whatever...doctor. I told her I was on "the Regimen" - but not very happy of the results after 7 weeks. She then gave me some Tretinoin cream (Retin-A), and said I should use it at night - and use BP in the morning. Reading at http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginf...er/a682437.html about Tretinoin they say:"Do not use any other topical medications, especially benzoyl peroxide..." Im not 100% sure if she knew what she said when she told me to mix em like that... S
  8. Think iClear sounds the most promising of the two. Both are expensive - but thats thankfully not an issue. Found these sites about iClear: http://www.curelight.com/_Articles/Article...=8&ArticleID=34 http://www.softlight.co.uk/ellipseClinic/I-Clear.aspx Will try out Dan's regimen first though - just curious if anyone has tried these treatments... and if ClearSkinRegimen doesn't work I might give it a try... Good luck to all of ya
  9. (dunno if this is the right board). But anyone tried laser treatment - some claim its the best treatment in years... http://www.ellipseklinikken.no/acnebilleder.asp http://www.ellipseklinikken.no/images/Acne_News_BBC.wmv http://www.ellipseklinikken.no/images/Acne%20News%20HTV.wmv Or iClear (using Acne PhotoClearing (APC)), some kind of light-treatment killing the bacteria causing acne? Anyone?
  10. Initially you could just go to a pharmacia looking for 2,5% BP product. I just found a 5% (Basiron) over here in Scandinavia, but that product should be OK - have been recommended that by doctors earlier. You should be able to find mild soap(cleanser) and moisterizer most places. http://www.acne.org/regimen-supplies.html http://www.acne.org/over-the-counter.php Otherwise order from www.shopinprivate.com http://www.acne.org/orderinternational.html They ship within 24h. Good luck!
  11. Exactly the same here! Usually before I only got mild red-bumps around my chin (+ a few rare whitheads). In week1 I got this whitehead breakout... Im now in week3 - and now I get some extreme breakout of whiteheads (again). I've never had those before - especially not at this extent. In week2 I releaxed the regimen a bit (applied once a day only), and I was gradually getting better. Now I've intensified it again, and I get this breakout. The good think is that the areas that had the breakout in
  12. OK fellow-30 Read (most) of your log... extsensive stuff and it seems like a struggle, but hope there is some progress now you are in week 8. Some pics would be very nice though - but I understand if you don't have a camera or you don't want to show off too much on these boards - can't say Im proud of that pic above BTW, I've already ordered products from the US, and they shipped like 15min ago So I'll switch to them as soon as they arrive... Neutrogena On The Spot SF366-0578
  13. Hi there A30SomethingFellow! Just read from http://www.acne.org/whattoexpect.html that the first weeks breakouts are expected - so hope it will fade after awhile.............. Did you have early breakouts? Anyway, good luck with your treatment!
  14. Tnx Brandy and Dan. It at least helps to see I am not the only one out there 30+ with these problems Just ordered the recommended stuff from the US (shopinprivate) now...