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  1. sams

    my log

    sorry acne.org I've been neglecting you, etc, etc. uh. basically.. work. anyway, gonna do some exfoliationnnnnnn tonight you love it. ughhhhhh. hopefully my face will love it
  2. sams

    my log

    I dunno lol picture! lol look at those bags HA
  3. sams

    my log

    maaan I love tea tree oil but ew the other day.. I had some kind of breakout on the left side of my MOUTH ew. just above my lip there's this little foursome.. and just below is one ziiiit. I'm sort of weirded out because I've had this ..spot on the side of my nose (left nostril haha) for like, a week or so now. and other spots.. have come and gone? they're all just doing their own thing I suppose. w/e. It's really freaking hot around here! I've been sweating like a banshee lately, also lookin
  4. sams

    my log

    I got the old 100% tea tree oil again, just used it for the first time in a couple of weeks (I think longer :\) anyway uhh man my face is gross lol. I'm pretty sure it may be related to all of the caffiene I'm .. ingesting. oh and stress I'm stressed lol. still getting all the water and more or less having my green tea every day. I have a plan ohoho I just thought it up. after reading some reviews of green tea over in the ratings section dealer.. (and I have done this a few times) I think whe
  5. sams

    my log

    so basically yesterday I cracked I had been staring at all of my aloe plants for like ... a year lol. and sooo there is now a step in the morning ! morning aloe vera! fresh from the plant oh my god yeah and I don't understnad how everyone is using aloe vera as a moisturizer. it's sort of drying.. I guess if there's vitamin e in there it's fine... whatever~ "Legend tells that Cleopatra massaged fresh aloe gel into her skin every day to preserve her beaty. Josephine, wife of the emperor Nap
  6. sams

    my log

    it's been a while!! !! so. I had been drinking about 4 litres of water every day and then I cut back a bit.. and I sort of broke out o: but now.. I've been getting all the water I can (4L, more or less) annnd I look okay I guess haha I can probably attribute some of the breaking out to stress.. school.... etc.. .. may 15 2007 hmhmmhm. oh. a couple of weeks ago I ran out of tea tree oil.. this was all around the time of gross-ness. anyway, my mom went out and got me some more... but it's weir
  7. sams

    my log

    oh hey. can everyone who come's by this post just reply with something like "STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE!! !" maybe then it'd get throught to me :9 had a green smoothie yesterday, today, the day before. will have one tomorrow and every day after that. been drinking all the water i need. a gallon today, even!