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  1. Hey, I think I posted on another thread of yours about Yasmin. I have been on Yasmin for about 4 months and although things did get better, I was still having some breakouts around my chin area (hormonal). So I went to the derm. and he put me on Spiro as well. I started mine on Friday, Nov. 28 and I have already seen an improvement. There is no initial breakout with spiro. It is an anti-androgen so it binds to the androgens in your bloodstream which cause acne. I am on 50 mg. a day. Most pe
  2. I'm sure headaches are a possible side effect however i have not had a problem with headaches at all.
  3. Keep getting little bumps in between my eyebrows that when you squeeze them, some white stuff comes out and then they heal pretty nicely. These are annoying!!! My chin still has the most problems. The inside of my cheeks by my nose is mostly clear besides some tiny bumps that you can't see unless you are really up close. My forehead never gets whiteheads and it still looks read/irritated with some small bumps near the outside. I went home (suburb of Chicago) from college last weekend and noticed
  4. I was on Ortho tri cyclen for about 3 or 4 months before I noticed an improvement I guess. I stayed on it for a year and switched to yasmin in August. I'm on my 10th week with Yasmin and continue to notice improvements in my skin each week. I did have a bad initial breakout with Yasmin but it could also be because I had started differin and an antibiotic at the same time. After 6 weeks on the antibiotic, I quit and my skin seemed to get much better right away. I liked ortho tri, just not as much
  5. Definitely not Alesse. It was basically the CAUSE of my acne problems, I hate that brand...sorta angry at it. I liked ortho tri cyclen but it didn't keep me consistently clear, maybe because it is a tri-phasic pill. Now I'm on Yasmin and love every day with it.
  6. I would definitely wait it out for 3-4 months. A lot of people have said that it takes even 6 months until they all the sudden started to get clear. It just depends on your body and how long it takes to adjust to the hormones and craziness. I'm starting my 3 month (week 9) and things really improve each week now, so just try to hang in there. If after that amount of time, you still see no more changes (with no horrible side effects other then the acne not going away), then I would consider a cha
  7. Inner sides of cheek/nose have really cleared up well. One new under the skin hard pimple on my chin but I put a hot compress on it for about 10 minutes and I think it went down a bit. In between my eyebrows is all clear now also. My forehead is still pinkish/irritated looking and there are some small skin colored bumps in the upper corners that stick around a lot. I'm not sure if they are pimples or what. I used the mint julep mask yesterday and that helped things heal I think. I used to neve
  8. A few pimples on the bottom of my chin have cleared up and there are a few small ones on the side of my nose/cheek that are going away also. One problem area I've noticed is in between my eyebrows I get little zits that eventually come to a head. There are also some blackheads there also but not noticeable unless I'm an inch from the mirror. My forehead is clear but always looks a little red and flakey in the middle, like it is irritated. I don't know why this is since I never put the differin
  9. Hey everyone. If anyone is interested, I'm going to keep a log of my regimen which involves Yasmin BCP, Differin cream, Clindamycin phosphate lotion and Cetaphil face wash. I am starting my third pack of Yasmin on Sunday so this is my 8th week. It is also my 8th week of using Differin cream. First, this is generally how my regimen goes: Use Differin cream every night or every other night Wash morning and night with cetaphil gentle cleanser Put a small amount of Clindamycin lotion on my face
  10. I haven't tried the continuous control cleanser by Clean and Clear but I just wanted to add that I have heard a lot of positive feedback about it on other boards as well!
  11. I am not a big fan of toners in the first place. The ones with alcohol are too irritating and unnecessary and the ones without alcohol is like buying water. Maybe I just get that impression from the few that I've tried. I'm sorry about what happened when you switched up your regimen. Do you think you should try a more gentle cleanser? I use cetaphil morning and night, just one push on the pump. Some people say that their skin doesn't feel clean after they use Cetaphil but I think when we use so
  12. Hi, I am 20 and have mild/sometimes moderate acne for 2 or 3 years now and I am just starting my 3rd month of Yasmin. I just wanted to share that the first 2 months were not that easy and I did have many breakouts during this time. However, I have heard that it takes at least 3 months and as much as I wanted to quit, I stuck with it and I'm so glad that I did because things are so much better and I'm about 95% clear! One other thing I should mention is that I started Differin and Ampicillin (an
  13. Yasmin is awesome, get it!!!!! That's my advice!
  14. I had a lot of success when I was on Yasmin. It really cleared me up. I started noticing a difference in my skin right when i started taking it and I was pretty much clear after a month or two. I have recently switched to Ortho Tri Cyclen since I can get it for $8 at my university and it works well also but not nearly like Yasmin.
  15. Yes, they will touch up any blemishes without you asking. They do it on everyone's picture. However, they don't do it on the proofs. After you pick out which ones you want and place your order, that's when they do it. If you look in my high school yearbooks, all the seniors have perfect skin, very unreal but i'm happy with it.