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  1. Yeah same here. Also over washing. Tanning thinking it would cover the marks. Not washing at all.(although i think this one kinda helps sometimes)
  2. My life, except Im like this with everyone. It really sucks.
  3. Wow hope your ok. But you dont seem to care about the stab wound. Yes acne sucks.
  4. Yes! I used to over wash my face because of this. I thought I wasnet clean if I still had acne. Which lead to horrible scaring.
  5. 1.What country do you come from? U.S. 2.How are you feeling today/tonight? Alright 3.What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Pee, look in the mirror, get some food. 4.Do you spend alot of time in the mirror? Yes 5.Are you a virgin? Yes 7.Would you run around your block if it granted you clear skin? YES 8.Have you been in a physical fight before? If so who with? Yes only twice when I was younger ONce with some kid I wouldnt let in my house to play duke nukem time kill
  6. I think I know what your talking about. Is it like a (erm dont what they call it) Grease bump? I had to scratch mine off with a towel.(dont do this) My mom got some on her nose too she went to a derm and they burn them off. It does leave a slight mark though.
  7. This is why I wont go on accutane. Both sides of my family the men have all gone bold. I dont want to be bold when Im 18.
  8. When I talk to anyone about my skin, or comments they made about my skin they act like im a physco freak or kinda laugh at me. They wont take it seriously and act as if I have acne because I choose to.
  9. I used to blame god. But now I know what was fucking causing my acne and have myself to blame.