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  1. You know you're on Accutane when... you wake up feeling fresh you forget the last time you washed your hair memories come back of what it's like to have clear non-oily skin like when you were 7 you stare in the mirror non stop with pride at how clear and invisble your pores are you can't stop feeling how smooth your face is you enjoy your derm appointments each month cause they're reminders of how much progress you're making with your course
  2. I was happier than ever on Accutane, a month afterwards my depression came back...
  3. dry lips that's about it , the nose bleeds never bothered me since they never lasted more than a min
  4. I have the opposite thing happening to me... During the end of my course I noticed some shallow scars in my skin but figured it wasnt a big deal because all I wanted was clear skin, I've been off Accutane for 3 months now and it seems my scars are just getting deeper
  5. At first they werent all that noticeable, but as months go by my acne scars seem to be more deep and noticeable than they used to be, why is this?
  6. Days 43-88 Things so far have been great with my skin, I've rarely gotten any small pimples, I still wash my face with Cetaphil once in the morning and if I wear makeup I wash it off with St.Ives Apricot Scrub at night... my skin is oily but I would describe it as a normal amount, it doesn't start getting oily until around 8 hours after I washed it in the morning. Hmm...oh yeah and my anxiety and sweating spells are over with, I no longer get them and I'm extremely calm in places with tons of p
  7. well I didn't notice it until later on in my course and it's still happening a month and a half after my course but I get these sweating spells, where I'll be in a room full of people and all of a sudden start sweating because of my anxiety, I was able to control it before Accutane now it's uncontrollable, I have to walk into another room and calm myself down
  8. you made me check my spelling thanks everyone for your advice
  9. thanks for your help, I'm going to my derm for a checkup on the 15th so I'm going to ask him then if it'll be ok, and I'll post back what he said either in here or in my journal
  10. Walmart Pharmacy, my 60 mg only cost $330 a month
  11. Yeah, I want to get Fraxil done also but the derm told me to wait 6 months to be safe