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  1. Day 16 update Had a big breakout this past week, hoping thats the accutane that caused it. Lips have got quite dry. Onwards..
  2. Day 5 Nothing much to report as yet, skin is possibly slightly dryer than normal, and is feeling abit itchy!
  3. Just started on accutane, thought i would start a log so i could track my progress. Im a long term user of BP, probably 4 years or more, however for maybe 3 of them its been to keep my acne at bay to a certain extent without actually being clear. Iv had enough of the time it takes and the limited results i get from it. So heres hoping accutane can clear me as it would, be a huge weight off my shoulders. At the minute im mostly worried about coming off the BP and getting a major breakout as a r
  4. It doesnt seem to have enough redness to it, that would suggest it is something other than acne possibly.
  5. Well, every few months when my skin gets back i tend to come on here for abit of a rant. Im a long-term DKR user (3+ years) for the last year and a half ive been struggling with it stopping working. The some of the spots i get are large and cystic but also i get large paintful whiteheads. What other options are there that are known to be effective other than accutane. I think i need a new method of attack away from BP, because it just isnt doing what it should be anymore. Any help would be grea
  6. Hi there, Your not the only one who this has happened too. I dont know why it happens, and many of the people on this site (perhaps including Dan dismisses that it does happen.
  7. I always find things get worse if I leave it to long, Yer over 15 hours sounds about right.
  8. Im 19, and can grow a full on beard but also has a good amount of acne yes. Wish I had outgrown it by now, im 20 in a couple of months but im guessing ive got a few years yet.
  9. Yer I found it very drying and it discoloured my skin pretty badly.
  10. Ive used this gel for a few months and recently got some of the new packaged stuff. Definately thicker and whiter I think. I use to put blobs on spots and they use to dry clear, but now its more white.
  11. Sounds like rubbish to me. For whatever reason, i do not know. this isnt just me this is others reporting this. BP breaks you out in areas that you wouldnt normally if you do not apply regularly and keep applying.
  12. Aimed at Dan. Now we all know that this reg effectiveness can reduce over time for some people, while others will continue to stay perfectly clear. Ive found that for me a 10% BP can give more effective prevention and im sure some people will agree. However, the 10% BP creams dont really compare to your gel in the ease of putting on, cheap etc. So why not make a 10% BP to cater for a wider group of people? I know it controdics your "2.5% is as effective at 10%" but for many it is not. What d
  13. You will probably just break out like you did before you started the reg. Your skin wont have changed much in 6months I wouldnt of thought.
  14. I agree, Its too mild, not only the time but the reg could damage you skin and cause worse breakouts to happen. agreed try a BP or SA wash.
  15. Head and shoulders will do the trick and is easy to buy/use.