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  1. I hope that procedure works out for you, Willow! I'll keep my fingers crossed. If it works I definitely want to try that, too. Accutane, Retin-A, and 12% AHA obviously haven't helped these chin bumps even remotely.
  2. Siouxsie, sorry to hear that the Retin-A or Taz didn't help with those chin bumps. I didn't get to ask the derm how long it takes to remove them, but I'll try to ask next time I see her. That is depressing though – two years and nothing! Perhaps they are not closed comedones after all. I've been using the Retin-A gel, buffered with Cerave PM, and alternating the Retin-A every other day with AHA Souffle 12%. So far no reduction in chin bumps. They still show up in pics (especially in bad
  3. Hey Willow! How are you? It's been a while! I was just reading your last update. Are you sure you need to use gel on your bangs? I style my bangs with a round brush using a concentrated blow drying nozzle, and that keeps them in place without any product. You could try switching to a different gel – I think aloe vera gel might be worth a shot, since that is less likely to have any pore-clogging ingredients. A simple hair spray would be good as well since technically if you spray it on
  4. Hey guys! I went to see my derm again and tried asking my derm what these things on my chin were. I stretched out the skin on my chin and jaw so my derm could see the bumps easier. She took a look at it and told me they were closed comedones. I've got Retin-A Gel this time so that should work better instead of breaking me out like Retin-A Cream. I'll update if this works for that! I'm just happy to know they're closed comedones, which are just stubborn things, instead of scars that are per
  5. Speaking of mandelic acid, I remember that the time I starting using it was exactly around the same time I noticed these little buggers on my chin. That was years ago... Not saying that's the cause of it, I mean, who knows, it's prolly just a weird concidence.
  6. I considered that briefly, but I ruled that out. Mine aren't red at all, and I think they look different from what perioral dermatitis looks like.
  7. Siouxsie, mine are just like that. The situation on my chin hasn't changed much. They seem to come and go, but they are always present and noticeable in any case. They're not super noticeable in real life unless you're close to me, but in pictures, man can those thing make my chin look dimply! I hate it. It's been a while since I last posted. Since then, I've gone on and finished accutane (finished at the end of September!). That's helped the acne, of course, but the tiny chin bumps haven'
  8. calla lily

    Scar/Skin Progress

    Used tazorac and benzaclin since May 21, 2009. Then stopped that after a while and am just using 10% AHA, 2% BHA, ad 2.5% BP. And sulfur. And yaz.
  9. calla lily

    Back Scars

    Just wanted to get advice and try to document my progress in the appearance of the fugly scars on my back.
  10. Anything MUFE is good. I use their Mat Velvet liquid foundation rather than the HD one and it's wonderful for me. I have light hyperpigmentation and it covers those and evens out my complexion very well--and looks quite natural (especially because it matches my skin tone 99%).
  11. ^I read that link but didn't find anything definitive... Anyway, yesterday I went to see my derm for a follow-up appointment and remembered to ask about the bumps on my chin. He said they're scarring, definitely not acne and that there isn't really anything that can be done. I asked him if he's seen anything like that before and he said he has, and one unfortunate patient even has it on his nose. :/ Well, it's not a big deal to me if they're still there because they're not that noticeable a
  12. Thank you! I love him and my parents dog Lucy

  13. I don't think they're walled-in cysts... at least mine aren't. Mine are more like small skin clogs. In fact, I'm starting to take back my previous belief that these little bumps are raised scars because in the last couple days I've actually gotten MORE of these under-the-skin clogs on my chin and jawline, and they range in size. I don't understand... I'm sure I have a good skin care routine. I thought I was doing a good job clearing my pores with 10% AHA and 2% BHA, exfoliating physically re
  14. So, it's been a week now, and 98% of the dry skin is flaked/scrubbed off by now. My back doesn't seem to have any obvious acne scars or random spots of hyperpigmentation and it's still far from perfect, but it looks a lot better... Unfortunately, there was sort of a trade-off. The skin underneath the dry/peeling patches are now slightly darker than the rest of my skin. So basically there's like random splotches of somewhat darker skin on my back. lol. I did some googling and read that hype