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  1. it's surprising that no doctors offer silicone microdroplet for acne scars in the bay area, esp. considering san francisco is a major city. anyone know how much Dr. Lam from texas charges for each session?
  2. are there any doctors that do silicone microdroplet for acne scars in the san francisco area?
  3. prescriptives has been a god send in terms of filling in indented scars. it is a silicone based translucent gel that fills creases and indents. You apply and it dries within an hour, covering indents. Unfortunately, this line of product has been discontinued for some reason. I was hoping if anyone knew of any similar products as this.
  4. anyone know of any good doctors in the bay area that does silicone microdroplet for scars?
  5. prescriptives magic invisible line smoother
  6. everyone should be fairly familiar with the powerful antioxidant and inflammatory properties of green tea so i won't go into detail about its effects. you can do a search on google. while you're looking for treatment options at the dermatologists' offices, you can do something at home that's fairly effective and cheap. it'll definitely help with blemishes and clearing up your complexion, not to mention helping with scars (just don't expect a miracle). what you do is drink some tea everyday, and
  7. honest opinion..don't even sweat it. don't worry about those little marks..you can't even tell the difference. i would save your money and buy something worthwhile.
  8. was hoping if anyone can provide any information on drs. in the san francisco area who do this procedure. thanks.
  9. I am so so depressed this treatment didn't work out for me as I had hoped. I NEED a better doctor who isn't afraid to inject! No improvement after 7 rounds and 1 year. BTW in some of these before and afters they look about the same age, or younger as in Case 4, in their afters. In fact, all of them look about the same age, more or less in their befores and afters. I don't get it! AHA (10 min later after reading)!! You see this is what I hate about these articles. They try to get you to believe
  10. http://www.lamfacialplastics.com/index.php...52&Itemid=9
  11. Trager, just to confirm but you get injected with .6cc of silicone each time by your dr? is this just on the cheeks or all over? bc that is a lot of silicone to be injected at one time. i was wondering for those of you who have had this procedure how much silicone in cc's your dr. injects you each time?
  12. Exaclty what I had in mind. I am going in for subcision on my forehead next month. But, I need to know about fraxel over permanenet fillers. In my attempt to treat My deep cheek craters, I had to resort to silicone. Ylem, i know you had silicone done already but if the results aren't satisfactory after the number of rounds that you have had, I would research punch grafts or excisions to level your scars to the skin surface, and then do some type of laser to smoothen the texture. i was info