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  1. DAY 98 alright SHIT!!! im breaking out again......and i have a really good feeling its because of the Yasmin (birth control). i told my derm about it the last time i went which was the 10th, and so she upped my dose to 10mg one day, 20mg the next.....so im hoping thats goin to help, but i cant stand it that im breaking out again, it felt so good to be clear for like the first time ever. but one other thing im starting to notice, is the scars on my chest are really bright for some reason, and th
  2. it is absolutely crystal clear! and it is so soft and smooth, i just love feeling it.....cuz i just cant believe the difference! i still have a couple dark spots from a few bad zits i had, and then my dumbass derm burned me.....yea BURNED me, with that cold air misty thing they used. i had 2 pretty big burn marks and then scabs, and now i have scars from it.....its pretty unfortunate, but i cant really complain because my back is clear of acne and thats all ive wanted for so long now. one thin
  3. thanks guys! well im on DAY 73 and still doin great! theres not too much too update, cuz not much has changed (which is a good thing). but oh i had one of the best days ever the other day.......I HAD NOT ONE SINGLE ZIT ON MY ENTIRE BODY!!!! i was completely CLEAR!!!! it was absolutely insane! i just couldn't even believe it! it was like one of the best days of my life! and im still pretty much that clear.......i have one tiny tiny zit on my chest, thats hardly even a zit at all. its just unreal.
  4. wow you look awesome! congrats! and keep up the good work!
  5. yea i hope u get well soon too!!!! i just went through the same thing, and it was horrible.....and even worse, i was sick on my birthday (feb. 8th.....woo hoo! 18! too bad i couldn't do anything ), but im used to being sick on my birthday, it happens every year, no joke. but anyways.......im really sorry ur sick, thats no fun at all, just keep taking anti-biotics, and dont try to do too much, cuz it'll make u even more sick......i almost passed out in the shower cuz my body was too weak to do
  6. wow after reading your post, i am just about crying..........but its a mix of emotions, cuz its happy tears cuz im just so happy like how u said because its just so emotional after having it for so long.......but then its sad cuz i think about all the life i missed out on, and how i still dont have my confidence completely back yet. and like ur mom said about when people lose weight.......wow she was dead on, cuz thats exactly how i feel. and like u said i still feel like theres a trace of the o
  7. wow ur pictures look awesome!!! im so happy for u! i had just about the same kind of acne on my back and chest and i am on DAY 50 and my chest and back acne are completely GONE!!!!!!!!!!! so just keep waiting a lil bit longer and u will be clear and have sooo much confidence! and u get to go shopping for cute stuff again! lol........i still tend to buy the kinda clothes im used to, just cuz its sorta habbit now, but im tryin to break the habbit, cuz i just feel so much more comfortable in my own
  8. well i haven't updated in quite a while.......and the reason is.............MY SKIN LOOKS FRICKEN INCREDIBLE!!!!! i am just so HAPPY!!!! my skin has been pretty much perfect for about a whole month now! its fricken insane.......and im loving every minute of it! i have so much more confidence now, and i just feel like myself again! its a great feeling to not have to worry about my skin constantly! i just cant believe how well its working! i am just so impressed with everything! and the crazy thin
  9. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! im 17 too and ive had the same problem since 7th grade too! and im just tellin u.......accutane ROCKS!!!! lol......i have only been on accutane for about a month and a half now, and im only on 10mg a day (my acne wasn't really severe) and my acne on my chest and back are already clear!!!! its unbelieveable! i wish u the best of luck! and let us know how things go!
  10. wow ok im supposed to go on yasmin like any day now........and now im completely confused! here's my problem.......i was on ortho tri-cyclen LO for aobut a year, and it really did wonders for my acne, i think it took a few months for it to really make a dramatic difference, but once it did.....it was great. but it made me gain a ton of weight, and so i tried goin off of it about 3 times, and each time, i lost the weight, but my acne came right back. and now im on accutane, and i decided to swi
  11. yea i did the same thing TMLgirl.......i stopped taking vitamin E after about 2 weeks on accutane, and i just decided to deal with the side effects, and let accutane do its thing!
  12. well guys.......im an idiot!!!! so i stopped taking my birth control about 2 weeks ago, because i wanted to switch to another one, because of weight gain. but i was just gonna wait until my appointment to ask my derm about it, which was goin to be a week from the time i stopped the birth control, which i thought would be fine. but then my grandma died, and i had to go to the funeral and everything, and i totally forgot about my appointment, and the soonest i could get was last friday january 7th
  13. yea i have quite a few blackheads on my nose, and a lil bit by my nose.......but they aren't really bad, they are just kinda like clogged pores, not really blackheads i guess.......i dont really know though. yea i think my zits go away faster now, i cant really tell for sure, cuz i haven't really had too many zits, but they do seem different. and i really do think also that being on a low dose has kinda prevented an initial breakout from happening, or atleast not as bad anyways. well im glad
  14. congratulations!!!! and good luck to both of u! im glad u made it through!
  15. well my skin is kinda starting to breakout a bit again! uh oh! i hope it doesn't last long. but im goin to the derm tomorrow, and they are gonna up my dose, so i hope i dont get my initial breakout when i up my dose! im on 10mg right now, and they said they are either goin to up my dose to 10mg one day and 20mg the next.....or just go right to 20mg, which is i think would be good. but we'll see...... but thank u very much brandon, im feelin much better now, but its nice to have someone who care