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  1. U wear it all over your face? Initially thought it was more like a 'spot-treatment'. Both possible perhaps?
  2. Thx for your attention ayla. Why doesn't nixoderm work as a mask? It's quite whitish.. Could cover those annoying red thingies.. ;) Especially when you are male and "can't" use make-up.
  3. http://www.acne.org/nixoderm-reviews/237/page1.html It is claimed to be very impressive in the 'treatment reviews'. On the forum mostly 1-day members with 1 post claim it's working very good. for example: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...amp;hl=nixoderm however, this member is positive: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...amp;hl=nixoderm Is there any way to check whether the reviewers on 'treatment review' are genuine? For example members with a large number of posts or
  4. *Newbie on the scars issues* What might improve this FAQ is a 'burning' question (perhaps i missed it, since it is quite obvious, considering this is the regimen forum): How does the use of benzoyl peroxide influence CO2 laser treatments. (Or other treatmens for that matter) Any Doctors advising to stop BP at least x days before treatmen? What are in general reactions of your doctors when telling about BP if you want a treatment done?
  5. How to apply AHA 10%? Information on the main site contradicts each other. Version A) Acne.org "If your skin tolerates it well, try putting it directly on zits before applying benzoyl peroxide as usual." Version B) Acne.org "If I see a zit forming, I will glob on benzoyl peroxide as usual, but then when the benzoyl peroxide dries, I'll glob on a little alpha hydroxy acid as well." So Dan help me out here Currently I use AHA before BP, but that just because I read information A) before ver
  6. Great news, maybe even update your website Dan. The last update was on July 20th. After some clicking I found this topic, but most of the time I just check the main site for moisturizer ratings etc. Or just put a link to this thread, might be reassuring for other folks as well, hoping for an even better moisturizer. The die-hard forum junies won't miss this thread, others might... I just want them to feel somewhat assured as well. 'Assuring' that something better is being brewed, because
  7. I use Lac-Hydrin Five for about a month now. It is a very good moisturizer, but the time it takes for absorbing a thick layer into the skin is very long imo. I didn't have this problem with eucerin (skin renewal). If I use less, my skin gets flaky again. The thickness prevents fast absorbing. Anyone else got this problem, or suggestions? Currently I put a layer on, then watch 5/10 min tv and put another layer on. Urea 5% from eucerin is very good too, but quite expensive in my country (Ne
  8. Can we order this already? Can't find it on the site or product ratings... (perhaps i'm missing somehting.. euhz.. most likely i'm missing something)
  9. Ik bestel voor 2 personen en bovendien graag in grote hoeveelheden Ik ben volgens mij, vorig jaar augustus begonnen. Ongeveer 2 tubes gingen er in het begin per maand doorheen. Nu ietwat minder dan 1 per maand.
  10. Regimen werkt bij mij, witte vlekjes : geen ervaring mee, kan ik je niet mee helpen Dan's Gel is ongeveer 6/7 dagen in huis, indien douana het controleert kan het een ruime maand duren (enkel met zending van 8 dit probleem gehad)
  11. Ik heb aan het begin van de regimen hier de dingen gepost die ik gebruikt, ik krijg echter steeds vaker mails over waar ik wat gehaald heb en hoe het nu gaat. Ik vind het geen probleem om die vragen te beantwoorden, maar makkelijker en efficienter is misschien het hier te posten. Ik koop: Zeep: Lactacyd Derma Zeepvrij Wastablet (blauw), ik haal dit bij de Trekpleister. Toen ik Bioderm zeep gebruikte bleef ik puistjes krijgen. Lactacyd is de zeep waarbij ik tot nu toe 'clean' blijf. Kosten
  12. Order a maximum of 4 and you won't get taxed by Dutch customs... Just my 2 cents
  13. Does Eucerin or the other topic (link plz I can't find it with 'search' option) mention why Eucerin stops making it. Since it is one of the highest rated moisturizers in the product rating, and we are mostly heavy users, surely lack of interest / income can't be it?
  14. gewoon via Drugstore.com bestellen, liefst via acne.org klikken : De website eigenaar krijgt dan 10% Eucerin moet je voor gaan, is echt de beste moisturizer! (Met afstand..) Kost wel zo'n 14/15 euro per fles (8 dollar voor het flesje + 10 voor het bezorgen) Ik bestel ze per 10, dan is het 12,90
  15. I'm on the regimen for about 10 weeks now, complety clear, except for the get-in-the-way tiny zit. Don't come on the forum that much anymore, already read most of the things one needs to learn However 1 simple tactic for going out, comibing with BP-gel isn't mentioned a lot: -When going out for a drink in a disco/club/cafe bar or whatever, be sure to apply the BP gel before you go out. Even if it means applying it faster then usual. I never wake up with acne, if I put the BP gel on before go