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  1. There shouldn't be any peeling whatsoever if you properly follow the procedures. You have to understand that glycolic peel is a controlled removal of the top skin surface which is mostly dead cells. There will be slow skin regrowth and minor collegen production. Flaking to the extent that is above your normal baseline should be discussed with your MD. Also, don't expect any major changes with just 1 or 2 glycolic peels. Acid peels in general should be thought of as a long term treatment.
  2. While effects of prolonged glycolic treatments are yet clear, I agree 100% that the old trusty 30%-40% glycolic peels work wonder if used moderately and wisely, not to mention really really cheap if u do it yourself. Particularly on mild to mildy medium scars and redmarks. I think most folks here just wish for one quick treatment.
  3. frusciante, I do not know jack about moisterizers, but I don't think it matters that you use it to smooth/cool your face. My ACV is 5% acid - Safeway brand. amcgill, ACV is gentle enough for you to use on the whole face. If you are lazy like me you probably just wanna do it for the red areas. Generally speaking, I think people need to stick to it (whatever "it" happens to be) and give it a chance. Unlike deep scars, probably 99.9% of redmarks are treatable, it's just that you may not want
  4. Icantthinkofaname, I believe this treatment is very effective on stable redmarks (remember, I had these for 10 years, and they were showing any sign of receding). keisha, glycolic should only be done once a week. I'd recommend doing glycolic first to prime your skin for the vinegar (moot point after the 2nd week for you). Essentially, priming with glycolic achieves two critical pre-requisites: 1) Promoting collegen and dermal growth. Basically we are accelerating time in our favor. 2) D
  5. Hi everyone, Just thought that I should share my story in hope that it may help some of you youngins. Anyhow, a little bio stat is in order. I'm Asian (SE), male and recently was inducted involuntarily into the hall of fame of the 30s kind (otherwise known as a mid life crisis for some). I have red and brown marks and scars of all types all over my cheeks and temples. I have had these for a long time (10 years+) and have not seen any kind of reduction over the years. I really have thick sk