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  1. make sure you dont rub to hard down there, you might dump your significant other
  2. if you only put bp on at night then i think that could probably be your problem. I agree with dan, you should follow the regimen, but if you must stick with only once a day then switch to bp in the morning. THis way all the crap that gets in your pores during the day from sweat and stuff like that can be eliminated with bp. thats only my opinion, hope it helps, thanks, Tyler
  3. im 15 also and 9th grade sucked for me too, if he gives you an antibiotic about two weeks was what it took for me but about six months later had to switch it and its not as good so i have to use the regimen
  4. i had the exact same problem with cetaphil CREAM. i switched to cetaphil LOTION and it works ten times better. When first starting the regimen it may sting a bit when you first apply it after the bp but it will go away in like ten minutes. Thanks, Tyler