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  1. My guess is that you have got a few years before you don't have to worry about acne at all. You are at the time right now when a lot of people begin to start breaking out bad. Just keep it under control in the beginning and you will be a lot happier.
  2. First off, give your skin ample time to recooperate from the salicylic acid. Probably about 3-4 days of just washing. Im no expert, but I feel the only way your going to get used to bp is to go through at least a little bit of dryness. Start out light but use enough to cover the acne prone areas. I would recommend morning and night application, as i think this will help you get out of the dryness phase quicker. Moisturize a ton, and when i say a ton, i mean a ton. Hope this helps,
  3. I am 15 and really dont have many complaints about my body at the moment, thankfully. But im not ripped. Yeah, though, your exactly right. There are many obese black people, as are white people.
  4. If the whitehead is fully developed, i normally just grab the white part and pull. I'm not popping it, just getting the white off. However, this is a last resort, the whitehead has to be absolutely mammoth size for me to ever do this. Otherwise i just tough it out, and it will be gone by the next day. Thanks, Tyler
  5. As long as your not a pokemon card guy, then i think comic books are fine. Im 15 and read the comics in the sunday paper, and lots of girls in my grade watch spongebob and talk about it all day long(popular girls) and guys have spongebob boxers, so yeah, i guess comic books are fine.
  6. Ok, I am 15 and live in Mississippi, probably the redneck capital of the world. Here, guys are obviously supposed to sport the tough guy image. Now i can do this to some extent, but i dont care about walking around with acne all over my face all the time. So i got on the regimen. Now my dad tells me i put more crap on my face than a girl, so that kinda sucks, but in a way its kinda funny. But my parents never had acne and they really dont know what its like. Thankfully my older sis had acn
  7. Are there any active ingredients in the cleanser?
  8. My skin seemed to turn white at first too, and i am a really dark skinned person. So much that some people tell me i could pass as another race. But, it seems to have faded the past few days, btw i am about 3 days away from the one month mark on the regimen. Read my personal regimen log, My Regimen Experience, in the personal regimen logs forum, good luck.
  9. Find the lowest percentage of bp possible at a store and use that. 5% will probably be the lowest you could find at a store, but look for 2.5 anyways.
  10. Please dont go over to the dark side of guys who wear make up. Please, keep your manhood. lol.
  11. Have you thought about the regiment? It uses a 2.5% bp gel, and it is much less drying/irritating. Just a thought.
  12. Snoxu, have you ever seen a black guy with his shirt off? Every black guy that isn't overweight is ripped. White People? hardly anybody is ripped, even if they do a lot of weights. Black people naturally have better bodies than us.
  13. Ok, so i have been tracking my progress for 8 days, but i started the regimen on July 31, at night. So i am almost 1 month through. Anyways, I was very pleased with my face this morning. Those zits really stopped trying to develop and i think that they will never show up. Also my skin didn't peel to much either when i got up, and my skin complexion looked a lot better. On the other side of my face, my upper cheek is trying to do the same thing the other side did: develop 3 to 4 little small
  14. Appreciate it amanda, anyways: WEEK 4 DAY 7 When i first got up this morning those zits were still trying to develop on my upper cheek. This is very annoying, but they aren't full fledged pimples, more like small whiteheads that havent developed yet. My skin complexion sucked this morning but got better as the day went on as i was outside a lot (cutting grass, playing basketball, screeching the tires on my lawnmower, lol). I also got to watch my friends high school play football on espn. H
  15. I'm white but i wish i was black lol, you guys are so much more athletic than us.
  16. proactiv is fine(i used it at first) but use dans bp, its much better, trust me.
  17. The purpose soap was way too overdrying for me also. I switched to cetaphil antibacterial, it feels great, and also is antibacterial(obviously), which gets every thing bad off your face.
  18. Are you sure you are allergic to benzoyl peroxide? a lot of people put to much on at first hence the redness/peeling/itching/irritation/this sucks. Maybe you should startover on the regimen(give your skin a few days to recooperate) and start with a teeny tiny bit of bp and gradually increase it.
  19. WEEK 4, DAY 6 The pimples i was talking about earlier didn't develop, thankfully, but are still there a little bit. My skin complexion did look better than yesterday, so i was very happy about that. My face also didn't peel today. What else can I say? How's life treating you guys and girls? fill me in....peace, Tyler
  20. WEEK 4, DAY 5: Pretty much the same as yesterday. Trying to get a few small whitehead type of pimples on my cheeks but i think they won't ever come, but if they do its no big deal. My skin wanted to peel today for some reason, but whatever, probably cause i wipe so much sweat off my face during bball practice. My skin complexion also didn't look very good either for some reason, But it should be okay by tomorrow. Thank You so much AB, and congrats on being the first one to post here, jk. Fi
  21. Why do you want to peel?
  22. First off, i was clear for a long time with redmarks while on an antibiotic. I understand the whole time process, but its been a good while, 7-8 months, with redmarks, whether or not they are new or not. It's my 4th week on the regimen, but i was basically clear when i started, just a few pimples, but mostly redmarks.